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[[Category:Dwarves]] [[Category:Wintersday NPCs]]
[[Category:Dwarves]] [[Category:Wintersday NPCs]]
[[de:Meister der Schneearena]]

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Snow Arena Master
Snow Arena Master.jpg
Species: Dwarf
Level(s): 20



"Here's how it works. Within this arena, you shall be randomly assigned teams and placed on a team beside either an avatar of Dwayna or an avatar of Grenth. You may make use of no attacks other than snow skills provided for you by the avatars, and your normal weapons, armor, and skills will be useless to you within the snow arena. All those who join in this contest will be granted equal Energy and Health. While you play, gifts will appear within the arena. You must gather these gifts and return them to your avatar. The first team to gather 5 gifts will be declared the victor."

Speech bubble:

"Followers of Grenth! Children of Dwayna! Speak to me if you wish to learn the rules for the Wintersday snowball fight!"