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Soar Honorclaw
Soar Honorclaw.jpg
Species: Tengu
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 10, 20


Soar Honorclaw is the leader of Aerie, the Angchu Tengu village (located in Kinya Province). She is shrewd and level-headed, and respects Master Togo for his honourable dealings with the Tengu.

Her father, Swift Honorclaw, the former leader, was assassinated during the Dual Strike quest, threatening the Tengu-human relationship (which is strained at the best of times). In Cleansing the Steel, Master Togo is quick to convey his respects and apologies by having the very same assassin who killed her father present her with a buckeye carved in the likeness of her father (an appropriate offering to a grieving Tengu family). While many in the Aerie advised retribution against the assassin, Soar Honorclaw remained calm, instead arranging for the assassin to kill Dao Weng, the man responsible for placing the original contract on her father's head. In doing so, she obtained vengeance while simultaneously averting conflict between the Tengu and human nations.

Her father, Swift Honorclaw, mentioned above, was the former leader of the Angchu, representing them at The Tengu Accords.

Quests Given[]

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When spoken to in Kinya Province:

"If ever there was a good time for outsiders to visit Aerie, this is certainly not that time. My father's murder has made us more wary of strangers than usual."

When spoken to in the Divine Path:

"The Tengu of Aerie honor you."


  • In the game manual, she is referred to as Merlin Featherstone instead.
  • If you talk to her before taking the quest Dual Strike, she still talks about the death of her father.