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Weapon details
Linked attribute(s): Scythe Mastery
Damage type(s): Cold damage
Common: N/A
Rare: N/A

Weapon stats[]


This is a Pre-order item, and thus is automatically customized to the character on which it is generated.


This scythe is only available to owners of the Guild Wars Nightfall Prerelease Bonus Pack, as an Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting.

"The Icy Soulbreaker of Enchanting is a lightweight but powerful Dervish weapon. Its shaft is made of bound ironreed wrapped with bindings made of Elonian leather. Its head is carved from strengthened skyquartz, a shatterproof crystalline mineral mined in southern Istan. The secondary blade at the base of the weapon is also made of skyquartz, and is carved in the traditional "blades of the five gods" design. Among the Dervishes, such weapons are often passed down from mentor to student, and often are as much pieces of art as they are weapons of war."


This item cannot be dyed.


  • This item is always customized for the character that the /bonus command was used with. However, this command can be reused on each of your characters, consistently respawning the weapon.
  • New modifications cannot be added.
  • Although the weapon is customized for the character, heroes can still use it. When using the /bonus command while a hero has it equipped, it creates a second item in the character's inventory that can be used normally.
  • This is an excellent weapon to use with Conjure Frost, Illusionary Weaponry or Grenth's Grasp since it prolongs the enchantment of choice and can deal full damage to any three adjacent foes.
Clipping.png Clipping issues: This scythe seems to have slight clipping issues with the male dervish model.

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