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  1. Speak with Headmaster Kuju in the monastery

Obtained from

Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard


An Audience with Master Togo



"If you are interested in taking the Necromancer profession as your secondary field of study, then you will need to speak with Headmaster Kuju. I think you will find her quite pleasant for a necromancer, and she can certainly teach you all you need you know. Seek her out in the Shing Jea Monastery."

Reward Dialogue

"Well hello there, youngster! Of course I can teach you! It will be my great pleasure to welcome another young Necromancer into the fold. And I cannot wait to introduce you to my grandchildren!"
"Are you ready to learn the dark magics of Death, Blood, and Curses? Consider your choice carefully."


Locate Reng Ku


Head back to Shing Jea Monastery and find Headmaster Kuju in the small courtyard with all the other headmasters. Talk to her to complete this quest.

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