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Princes of Vabbi

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The "[[Princes of Vabbi]]" is a nickname given to the three greatest clanmarshals (also called princes and princesses) that reign over the [[Elonia]]n highland province of [[Vabbi]].
After the [[Shattered Dynasties]] collapsed more than 400 years ago, in 840 [[DR]], Vabbi was without royal leadership. In 1074 the powerful merchants and traders of the province took the political lead as elected clanmarshals. In 1100 DR, the successful merchant [[Amaki Voss]] established herself as the clanmarshal ''for life'' of the city of [[Resplendant Makuun]], becoming the first "prince" of Vabbi.
There are three Princes of Vabbi: [[Prince Bokka the Magnificent]], [[Prince Ahmtur the Mighty]], and [[Prince Mehtu the Wise]]. However, there are other princes and princesses that currently rule in Vabbi, including [[Princess Leifah]] and [[Hedge Wizard Mabai|Prince Mabai]].
Nowadays there are ''three'' Princes of Vabbi:
#The Prince of [[Resplendent Makuun|Makuun]], currently [[Prince Bokka the Magnificent]]
#The Prince of [[Citadel of Dzagon|Dzagon]], currently [[Prince Ahmtur the Mighty]]
#The Prince of [[Holdings of Chokhin|Chokhin]], currently [[Prince Mehtu the Wise]]