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:''Boo! I'll eat your face! Hahaha...did I scare you,? Oh, stop pouting, it's just a joke. I'm not a cannibal. This thing? It's a Margonite mask. I'm hosting a theme party and all guests are required to hide their true identities. It'll be quite the night of dancing, drinking, eating, more drinking, and indulging in life's...other pleasures. Though the veil of anonymity, my guests won't be chained by inhibition. Otherwise, what kind of celebration would that be? Here's where you come in. I need you to slaughter some Margonites. Bring me 5 [[Margonite Mask]]s and, while I won't invite you to the party, (I've got standards, you know), I WILL give you:"
'''Collecting:''' 5 [[Margonite Mask]]s
Nikun can be found on a plateau just north of the entrance into the [[Shattered Ravines]] coming from [[Joko's Domain]].
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