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Visibility of Outposts from one another?
::But again, just like the ''order'' I don't think the ''number'' really matters. The structure of the Realm of Torment does not match the structure of hell as described in the Koran, Divina Comedia, Book of Enoch, Aeneid, nor any other classic source. It differs from '''all''' of them in one respect or another. Yet '''all''' of them may have been used for inspiration, and we should either list them '''all''' in the trivia note, or none at all.
::I will edit the trivia note again, trying to come up with a version that is as neutral as possible, but I will put the references to the Divina Comedia and the Aeneid back in, as they are ''definetly'' relevant here. --[[Image:TurningL sml.gif|Tetris L]] 09:39, 29 November 2006 (CST)
== Visibility of Outposts from one another? ==
As a random piece of trivia, while wandering around the [[Gate of Anguish]], I noticed that you seem to be able to see the outposts from one another. The northeast point is almost certainly overlooking the [[Gate of Secrets]] and perhaps the [[Gate of Torment]]. The western point is maybe overlooking the [[Gates of Madness].