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Hard res

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[[Hard res]] is a term used to describe any [[Resurrect (action)|resurrect]] [[skill]] exceptthat [[Resurrectiondoes Signet]]not andrequire [[Sunspeara Rebirthmorale Signet]].boost or Howeverexit from the "instantexplorable res"area isin quiteorder commonto withbe the combinationreused. of [[GlyphResurrection of SacrificeSignet]] and [[ResurrectionSunspear ChantRebirth Signet]] whichare canthe usuallyonly bringresurrection anyskills playerthat todo fullnot healthfit instantlythe "hard res" criteria.
Hard res skills, [[Resurrection Chant]], are often combined with either [[Glyph of Sacrifice]] or [[Glyph of Essence]] to produce an "instant res" which can bring any player to full health instantly.