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[[Image:HelpPanel.jpg|right|thumb|The Help panel]]
Players can access the '''Help'''[[help panel]] by pressing <code>F10</code> (the default [[hotkeys|hotkey]]) or by typing <code>/help</code> in the [[chat window]]. The panel contains links to web-sites containing both official and player-maintained content. Clicking on the links will open the target web- page using your default web- browser.
The Helphelp panel contains the following sections.
===OnlinePanel Help=layout==
=== Online help ===
;Guild Wars Official Site: links to the official Guild Wars web-site.
;GameGuild ManualsWars official site: links to the official game manuals for allGuild threeWars [[campaign]]sweb-site.
;UpdateGame Notesmanuals: links to the Guildofficial Warsgame Updatemanuals pagefor all three [[campaign]]s.
;FanUpdate Sitesnotes: links to athe listGuild ofWars [[fansite]]sUpdate page.
;Fan sites: links to a list of [[fansite]]s.
=== Community Wiki (Beta, Englishwiki Only)===
This section is divided into the following five sub-sections and contains links to the official Guild Wars Wiki (regardless of whether an actual wiki article exists at the target).:
;Quests: lists and links all your current active [[quest]]s.
;Your Skillsskills: links to all the skills of your primary and secondary [[profession]] and your equiped [[skill]]s.
;Recently Encounteredencountered Skillsskills: lists and links to the skills that you've recently encountered.
;Recently Visitedvisited Locationslocations: lists and links to the [[location]]s you've recently visited.
;Guilds: links to the guild page on the official Guild Wars Wiki of the [[guild]]s and [[alliance]]s in which you are a member, guest or invitee.
;Search Wiki: searches for a phrase on the Official Guild Wars Wiki (using their equivalent of [[Special:Search|the MediaWiki search function]]).
At the bottom of the panel, there is a text box that can be used to search the official Guild Wars Wiki.
*Guild Wars will minimize on clicking a link. There is a warning to this effect which allows cancelling the operation.
*The official Guild Wars Wiki is an entirely different entity from the [[GuildWiki]], which you are now reading.
*You can also open to the main page of the official Guild Wars Wiki by typing <code>/wiki</code>.
*Typing <code>/wiki</code> followed by a word will automacticly search for the word.
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