Special Ops: Flame Temple Corridor

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  • Find and kill <named Charr Boss - See Notes>, Charr legion leader.
  • You have 15 minutes to find and kill the legion leader before he escapes.

Decoded Charr battle plans revealed that a Charr legion command unit is scheduled to arrive at the Flame Temple Corridor. Find and kill the legion leader before he discovers your presence and flees.

Obtained from

Captain Langmar
Requires Encrypted Charr Battle Plans


Dialogue "Good work, [name]. You've uncovered vital information! I can't spare any troops right now. Do you think you can handle intercepting the Charr and disrupting their plans?"

Accept: "I'll travel behind enemy lines and put a stop to their nefarious plans."
Reject: "I'm not ready to deal with Charr forces right now."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

The quest does not contain any markers to indicate the direction of the boss, though the way mobs are distributed makes it fairly obvious.

You will need to battle through several mobs of Charr on your way to the boss. Leading up to the temple, you will face groups of about 2-10 Charr each, some of which are level 20, and some of which are the level 8's normally residing in the area. Most of the groups are composed of Charr Seekers and Charr Blademasters (Rangers and Warriors). Patrolling around the temple itself are more balanced groups of level 20 Charr, similar to those found in the Eye of the North storyline.

The Charr leader you are to assassinate usually resides at the top of the temple, overlooking the entrance to Dragon's Gullet (players may recognize this location as the same place native Tyrians had to reach to recover Althea's Ashes). Note that this is not always the case. The Leader is accompanied by a Charr Prophet, some Charr Flame Lords, and a Charr Hexreaper. The fight is not difficult at all with the proper team setup; remember as usual to take out healers first.

The mission will end 20 seconds after the boss dies. If you die you will have to start the mission again, there are no active res shrines in this mission unlike the other Eye of the North missions.

Notes[edit | edit source]

This quest seems to spawn random bosses. They all seem to be bosses found in The Breach and surrounding areas. They have their levels bumped from around 7 to 26.

So far the following bosses have been fought.

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