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Special Present
Wintersday Gift.png

Item details
Item type: Quest Item
Quest: The Gift of Giving
Campaign: Nightfall

An item needed for the quest The Gift of Giving. Elder Skruuj gives you Special Presents , which must be delivered to various NPCs in Istan. Like most Quest items, Special Presents has no value if you try to sell it to merchants and cannot be salvaged.


  • If this quest is done with a party of other players who also have this quest active, only the person who talks to the NPC to deliver the present actually loses a "Special Present" from their inventory. Even though the quest will be marked as done for the other people, they will still have their special presents which must be manually destroyed/Dropped later on.
  • These shouldn't be confused with Wintersday Gifts, Winter Gifts, and Birthday Presents even though they may look similar.
  • Avoid scams associated with this item by just simply putting your mouse over it. It will say "Quest Item."
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