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A "Spider run" is a short excursion into the Underworld where players do a number of tasks with the purpose of being able to charm a Black Widow, the spider of the Underworld.

The fastest spider to obtain is the one with the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale. To free this spider, teams do the following steps:

  1. Complete the quest Clear the Chamber by destroying the many groups of Bladed Aatxe and Grasping Darknesses in the way.
  2. Free the Reaper of the Labyrinth by destroying the Terrorweb Dryders in the chamber.
  3. Head west-northwest to clear the Forgotten Vale area up to (and a little beyond) the statue of Grenth.
  4. Take the quest Restore the monuments of Grenth and destroy the Dryders at the statue in the vale to free the Reaper of the Forgotten Vale.
  5. Take and complete the quest Wrathful Spirits.

Upon completing the quest, a Black Widow will spawn near the reaper of the vale and any player with a ranger primary/secondary profession, Charm Animal and no current pet can charm it.

Players can sometimes be found in the Temple of the Ages offering to make spider runs in exchange for gold.

Note: Many players mistakenly believe that this is the only way to get a spider. A spider will spawn after the completion of the quests of any reaper (except the Reaper of the Labyrinth). This way simply happens to be the easiest.

Warning: Be careful not to fall for scammers who take a group of people to cap spiders but then charm the first spider and leave. Since the other spiders are harder (some much harder) to free, it's highly unlikely that a group will be capturing more than one or two spiders per run.