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Staff Wrapping
Staff Wrapping.png
Upgrade component
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable No
Campaign Core

A Staff Wrapping is the suffix upgrade for staves.


  • Staff Wrappings can be found on any staff with a rarity of blue, purple, or gold. If, after being identified, the staff's name ends with one of the modifiers listed below, then it contains a corresponding Staff Wrapping.
  • The Staff Wrapping can be salvaged from the original item using an Expert Salvage Kit or equivalent.

Available modifiers[]

Staff Wrappings can be found with a variety of modifiers, summarized below. The name of a specific Staff Wrapping will identify its modifier, e.g. Staff Wrapping of Fortitude.

Modifier Effect
of Defense Armor +4...5
of Shelter Armor +4...7 (vs. physical damage)
of Warding Armor +4...7 (vs. elemental damage)
of Enchanting Enchantments last 10...20% longer
of Fortitude Health +10...30
of Devotion Health +30...45 (while Enchanted)
of Endurance Health +30...45 (while in a Stance)
of Valor Health +45...60 (while Hexed)
of Mastery1 Item's attribute +1 (10...20% chance while using skills)
of <species>slaying Damage +10...20% (vs. <species>)
  1. Staff Wrappings can also be found with various "of <attribute>" modifiers, which function identically to the "of Mastery" modifier except that the attribute is specific to the wrapping and is not affected by the staff's linked attribute. These wrappings have been confirmed to drop for all core spellcaster attributes except Energy Storage and Fast Casting.

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