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Stance: "A posture that provides an advantage in battle, either by protecting against attacks or improving your offensive."

Stances give special bonuses to their users for a period of time. Stances don't have activation times or targets (exception). As a result, stances cannot be interrupted, and can be activated while performing other activities such as attacking or running. Only one stance may be active at a time. Activating a second stance ends the first stance, even when it is the same stance. A stance cannot be refreshed in the same sense as refreshing an enchantment, which does not trigger enchantment end effects. A stance always ends, either by expiring, or by a removal skill, or by activating a stance (even the same stance). Thus, effects triggered by a particular stance ending, like enchantment removal, always occur.

There are very few ways to end an enemy's stance. However, some stances can be ended by the user through certain actions, such as attacking or using skills. Currently, only Warriors, Rangers, Mesmers, Assassins and Dervishes have stances, though there is one title-based stance, Drunken Master, that is available to all professions.

List of stances[]

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Category list: Category:Stances.

Skills affected by being in a stance[]

Skills that can end stances[]

See also Effect on removal skills quick reference for stances that cause another effect if removed.

Other skills related to stances[]