Sticks and Stones

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  1. Destroy the Graven Monoliths and harvest their shards. Collect 10...0 more to complete your sample.
  2. See Awata for your reward.

Obtained from

Awata in Bone Palace



"Shortly before your arrival, strange occurrences became commonplace. Once staid stone formations have been given life; they now walk these cursed lands engaging any poor fool they encounter. They are vicious. I have lost many to their fury, though they are not infallible. A group of my men cornered one of them and shattered it into hundreds of pieces. At its core they found a glowing shard pulsing with a magic I have not seen.
If we are to decimate these monsters we must understand everything about them. Fetch me more shards and I will unlock their secrets."
Accept: "Let's rock."
Reject: "I'm too old to rock 'n' roll."
When asked about quest: "Have you gathered enough glowing shards from the Graven Monoliths yet?"

Reward Dialogue

"Upon closer inspection, I can see these glowing shards feature curious inscriptions. Perhaps we have what we need to unravel their origin...."

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Awata starts by stating that glowing shards are required to complete the quest when Inscribed Shards are actually what is needed (the Reward Dialogue shows him "learning" about their inscriptions).
  • The drop rate for shards isn't very high, so it may take a little while.
  • Good places to find monoliths are:
    • South from Ruins of Morah where 2 groups of 2 monoliths can be found.
    • West exit of the Bone Palace, where another 5 monoliths can be found.
    • South-west corner of The Sulfurous Wastes in the temple of Abaddon (22 of them to be exact). A Show of Force dramatically increases the number of monoliths that can be fought here.
  • Awata will take the shards from your inventory.