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Stone Carving
Stone Carving.png
Subtype None
Rarity Common
Value 30 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions
Profitable No
Common salvage Granite Slab: 6-8
Rare salvage None
Nicholas the Traveler
Week of 16 Oct 2017
Location Arborstone (explorable)
Quantity 1

Nicholas the Traveler location Arborstone (explorable).jpg
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A Stone Carving is a trophy dropped by the Stone Guardians of the Echovald Forest.

What drops it[]


General collectors[]

Master Architect Wright[]

Location: House zu Heltzer
Collecting: 5 Stone Carvings

Item Stats Reqs. Mods Value
Butterfly Knives Slashing damage: 7-17 9 Dagger Mastery Damage +20% (while hexed) 125 Gold
Hypnotic Scepter Chaos damage: 11-22 9 Illusion Magic Halves skill recharge of Illusion Magic spells (Chance: 20%)
Energy +5 (while Health is below 50%)
125 Gold
Bleached Skull Energy +12 9 Death Magic Energy +15
Energy regeneration -1
Health +30
125 Gold
Dadao Sword Slashing damage: 15-22 9 Swordsmanship Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%) 125 Gold
Longbow Piercing damage: 15-28 9 Marksmanship Damage +15% (while Health is above 50%) 125 Gold
Communing Focus Energy +12 9 Communing Energy +15
Energy regeneration -1
Health +30
125 Gold



Arborstone (explorable)
Head west from Altrumm Ruins, then take a right into a side corridor to find 3 Stone Guardian bosses: Craw Stonereap, Zarnas Stonewrath, and Meril Stoneweaver. Each of them is attended by 6 normal guardians who will spawn as you approach.