Storm Artifact

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Storm Artifact
Storm Artifact.jpg
Weapon details
Linked Attribute(s): Air Magic
Common: Granite Slabs,
Piles of Glittering Dust
Rare: ?

Description[edit | edit source]

An Elementalist Focus item that boosts and requires Air Magic. It appears to be made from many small stones which float and spin around the wielder's hand.

Location[edit | edit source]

Nightfall Campaign

Eye of the North Expansion

Dye[edit | edit source]

Only Storm Artifacts obtained from collectors or weaponsmiths may be dyed. Dye affects the whole item; however, it will not dye to the color applied, but rather to the opposite color. The exceptions to this are black, white, silver, and grey which dye true to the applied color. It does not have a default dye color.

Storm Artifact dye chart.jpg

Notes[edit | edit source]