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The Strength attribute enhances a Warrior when using attack skills. This is a primary attribute and may not be used by secondary warriors.

Guild Wars description[]

When you use attack skills, each point of Strength gives you 1% armor penetration. Many skills, especially those related to surviving and inflicting damage, become more effective with higher Strength.

General description[]

Strength relates mainly to stances and shouts as well as a few attack skills.

Strength is a requirement for meeting some max defense shields.

Even if a Warrior does not utilize any Strength skills, it's recommended that any spare points be placed into Strength, if only for the purpose of dealing a little more damage when using attack skills.

Associated skills[]

Strength will enhance these strength skills. Many Strength skills are Melee Attacks or offensive Stances. Strength also contains a number of skills related to Adrenaline gain, attack speed, self-healing, defense, movement speed and bypassing or punishing blocking.


  • The armor penetration will only activate for attack skills.
  • The armor penetration that Strength provides is base armor penetration, not additional penetration. It will therefore only stack with effects that add additional armor penetration, not skills such as Penetrating Blow.
  • This has the most skills linked to it out of all the Primary Attributes.

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