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Effect details
Sulfurous Haze
Sulfurous Haze.jpg
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Environment Effect

No mortal can survive the Sulfurous Haze.


Sulfurous Haze is an effect that is applied to any NPC walking on the yellow sands of The Desolation, making the area the most hazardous in the game. Every explorable area in the region has sulfurous sands except for the Poisoned Outcrops.

  • Characters, heroes, and henchmen can only safely traverse sulfurous sands in a Junundu.
    • Pets will die when their owner enters the wurm.
    • Minions will not die (however, there is no way to heal or regenerate them, so they will die soon after).
  • Party members will not incur Death Penalty if they die from Sulfurous Haze; your character's death count is unaffected.
    • Use resurrection skills that teleport party members (e.g. Rebirth) — it can be difficult to recover party members from the sand, since the effect will be reapplied as soon as they are resurrected.
  • Despite the dangers, all areas of the Desolation can be run without a wurm:
    • Characters can walk around the edge of the sulfurous areas.
    • Characters can shadowstep to targets to move them around more quickly.
    • Players need to micro-manage heroes and henchmen to keep them off the haze, especially during battle.


  • It is possible to survive 5-6 seconds on the haze, instead of the normal 3 seconds.