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A summoning stone is a special kind of consumable item that allows you to summon an ally to fight with you.


To use a summoning stone, simply double-click the item in your inventory. After using a summoning stone, your character will be affected with Summoning Sickness for 10 minutes or until you zone, preventing you from using another stone during that time.

Summoning stones can only be used in explorable areas, cooperative missions, and challenge missions. They cannot be used in solo missions or in PvP.

The summoned ally:

  • Has the same level as the character who summoned it.
  • Has a lifespan of 30 minutes.
  • Does not leave a corpse when it dies.
  • Does not travel with the party when you zone.
  • Disappears if the character who summoned it leaves the party.
  • Only one summoned ally can be present at a time.
  • Will not jump with you when using teleporters in the Crystal Desert; nor will they move with you through Glint's Lair mission's portals.

The Igneous Summoning Stone is an exception in that it has unlimited uses, the summoned ally has a lifespan of 60 minutes, and it cannot be used by level 20 characters.




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