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Sunjiang District
Sunjiang District (explorable).jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Map area 2.04%
Neighbors Pongmei Valley
Zin Ku Corridor
Services None
Sunjiang District (explorable) map.jpg

This is an explorable area entry. For information on the mission outpost Sunjiang District, see Sunjiang District (outpost), for information on the mission Sunjiang District, see Sunjiang District (mission).

Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


Initially, only the eastern part of the district, a fairly dull road along a river, is explorable. Finishing Arborstone (mission) unlocks the gates to the western part of the district. These tight, low-lying streets, of which a large part is flooded with water, were used as a base by Shiro in Sunjiang District (mission).








Afflicted: (before starting the Winds of Change quest series)

Am Fah: (after starting the Winds of Change quest series)

Shiro'ken / Constructs:

Shrines and Blessings[]


Sunjiang District vanquished

  • Vanquishers must defeat 195-210 foes in this area.
    • The Count's Daughter alters the spawns in this area slightly.
    • This area cannot be vanquished unless all player characters in the party have completed the Sunjiang District mission; otherwise, the area where the mission takes place will be sealed off.
    • The large groups of Afflicted can easily kill an unprepared party.
    • The mob around the Elemental's Construct can be killed easily by careful pulling. They are not linked to each other, so you can kill them one by one.
    • There is a group of Am Fah pop-up's in the Southeast, a bit north of the portal, to watch out for. No other pop-up groups in the district.
  • Starting the Winds of Change quest series slightly reduces the number of enemies and replaces many Afflicted with Am Fah.