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[[Category:Quest givers (Nightfall)]] [[Category:Yohlon Haven]] [[Category:Order of the Sunspears]]
[[Category:Quest givers (Nightfall)]] [[Category:Yohlon Haven]] [[Category:Order of the Sunspears]]
[[de:Sonnenspeer Modiki]]

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Sunspear Modiki
Sunspear Modiki.jpg
Species: Human
Level(s): 3


Sunspear Modiki fills the characters in on the aftermath of the Consulate Docks mission.

Quests given[]



Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

"<name>! Thank the Five Gods you made it out alive! So few of us survived! Ahtok was killed in the assault, and Rojis, Koss, and Kormir are all missing and presumed dead. Nerashi got away with Lonai, but Lonai's nerves have been shattered. We must keep a low profile. Kournan troops are hunting for us everywhere!"
Player response: "Wait a minute. What happened to Koss?"
"After the demons attacked, he retreated from the city. The last anyone saw him, he was holding off a horde Kournan guards to give Nerashi time to escape! You won't be able to adventure with Koss again unless we find him!"
Player response: "This is horrible! What's our plan?"
"We can't use Yohlon Haven as a rally point; there are just too many Kournan patrols around. Nerashi headed north to scout other locations. Maybe you could check with Zudash Dejarin. He's a cranky, old merchant, and has no love for the Sunspears. But he may know a safe place to hide. I'll stay here and send any other Sunspears along."
Player response: "Sounds good. You never fight alone, Modiki!"