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Sunspear rank is a title available to characters in the Nightfall campaign. A character's rank in the Order of the Sunspears is determined by the number of Sunspear Promotion Points (SPP) accrued. There are four methods of gaining these points: through quest and mission rewards; by killing certain monsters while under the effect of a bounty; by turning in Night Falls books; or by vanquishing areas in Istan and Kourna.

Sunspear rank title track[edit | edit source]

In Guild Wars Nightfall a character gains rank in the Order of the Sunspears by collecting Sunspear Promotion Points.

Rank Title Sunspear Promotion Points
1 Sunspear Sergeant 50
2 Sunspear Master Sergeant 100
3 Second Spear 175
4 First Spear 300
5 Sunspear Captain 500
6 Sunspear Commander 1,000
7 Sunspear General 2,500
8 Sunspear Castellan 7,500
9 Spearmarshal 15,000
10 Legendary Spearmarshal 50,000

Benefits[edit | edit source]

For Elonian characters, progress in the Sunspear Rank title track is required to complete:

Foreign characters can complete Nightfall without progressing this title. However, most Canthan and Tyria characters will reach Sunspear Castellan simply by playing through the campaign.

Hero skill points[edit | edit source]

Main article: Hero skill point

Your character also earns up to 18 Hero skill points as they increase in Sunspear rank: 1 point for each of the first two ranks and 2 per rank thereafter. These can be spent at a hero skill trainer.

Sunspear skills[edit | edit source]

Main article: Sunspear skill

These are 11 PvE-only skills that a character can learn which are linked to the character's progress in the Sunspear title track. Unlike normal skills, these skills will not be unlocked on your account; they cannot be used by heroes nor can they be used in PvP. The first such skill is learned after reaching Sunspear Sergeant rank and speaking with Runduk (the Sunspear Rank officer in Sunspear Great Hall). To learn the other 10, earn more ranks and speak to the Hero skill trainers in Sunspear Great Hall, Kamadan, or the Command Post.

Sunspear skills cost 1 hero skill point and cannot be learned until you have a secondary profession.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Once a character has reached the rank of Commander, Sunspear Scouts in Istan will no longer give Sunspear bounties.
    • The scouts on Istan also consider the player's level. A high level Elonian player can be refused a bounty, even when that player has a low Sunspear rank.
  • Once a character has reached the rank of Castellan, scouts/priests will no longer give Sunspear bounties in normal mode. There is no cap for the bounties in Hard Mode.
  • Captain Ahkenchu will only provide or accept Normal mode Night Falls books if your rank is below Sunspear Castellan (8).
Historical note.png Historical note: Prior to the Nov. 13th, 2008, game update, this title contributed towards the Favor of the Gods.

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