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  1. Find the lost supply column.
  2. Escort the supply column to Piken Square.
  3. See Quartermaster Aada for your reward.

Obtained from

Gate Guard Hollis in Old Ascalon


Prophecies Character


  • 300 XP
  • Skills
Warrior "Watch Yourself!"
Ranger Called Shot
Monk Purge Conditions
Necromancer Weaken Armor
Mesmer Distortion
Elementalist Ice Spikes


"When Duke Barradin and the rest of the Vanguard broke through the Charr lines to Piken Square, they were unable to take much in the way of supplies. Supply columns have been heading out to Piken Square with regularity, but I have just received word from Quartermaster Aada that the latest column is at least a day overdue. The duke must have those supplies if he is going to hold out against the Charr! If you are heading to Piken Square, can you discover what has happened to the supply column?"

Reward Dialogue

"You're the one who led the missing supply column here? My men and I owe you a great debt. Good luck to you my friend, and may whichever gods you pray to watch over you."


Go through The Breach and bear left along the tar river. You'll find a Charr boss and a bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the path. You'll have to go around left and then cut back through the hills to find the lost supply column. Each of your party who is doing this mission must touch one of the supply column members so that it will complete when you get to Piken Square. Once you gather the units just follow the green arrow and lead them to Piken Square without letting all of them die.

There is a longer way around if you are having trouble with the Boss on the Bridge. If you head North you can skirt behind the bridge and come around the back. You will have to face more enemies in total, but you will be able to do it with a smaller group and at a lower level.

Bug.png Bug! Occasionally, after collecting the supply column, if you return to Piken Square entrance while the npc's you are escorting are still about at compass view distance away from you, the column will despawn and you will be unable to complete the quest. This does not happen every time, but is avoidable by not approaching the Piken Square entrance until the column has caught up with you.