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Disambiguous.png This article is about the title. For the Survivor Insignia armor upgrade, see Insignia.

Survivor is a title that you can display for prestige. It is awarded per character.

Survivor title track[]

To gain the following titles, one must earn the required amount of experience without dying. The experience gained since a character's last death is displayed when you use the /deaths chat command. The highest rank achieved will be retained when you die.

Rank Title Experience gained without dying Note
1 Survivor 140,600 level 20
2 Indomitable Survivor 587,500 ~ "level" 50
3 Legendary Survivor 1,337,500 ~ "level" 100


Progress towards Survivor resets to 0 whenever the character dies. All normal deaths in both PvE and PvP count; most forced deaths do not. (However, some scripted deaths during cutscenes have been bugged in the past and have spoiled survivor titles.)


  • This title is sometimes regarded as the second Lucky title, because you can die due to lag, which is outside the player's control.
  • Survivor candidates are not always welcome in PUGs, since players striving for the Survivor title will exit the game whenever they fear their title is at risk, leaving the team short-handed.
Historical note.png Historical note: This title was formerly only achievable for new characters and you only got one attempt per character.

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