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Swift Honorclaw
Swift Honorclaw.jpg
Species: Tengu
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 20, 4


Swift Honorclaw is a Tengu from the Aerie, and the father of Soar Honorclaw. He was the leader of the Angchu before his assassination, and he is famous for representing them at The Tengu Accords. His daughter took over this position. He earned his death warrant when he offended Dao Weng, a dishonest merchant who refused to pay a fair price for Tengu grain. The argument in front of his associates so injured Dao's sense of honor, that he hired an assassin called Panaku to kill the Tengu. Instead of killing Swift Honorclaw himself, Panaku manipulated one of the assassin students from the Shing Jea Monastery into doing the dirty work (as chronicled in the Dual Strike quest). Swift Honorclaw's assassination threatens to bring the Tengu-human peace agreement to breaking point, which was only narrowly avoided by the actions of Master Togo and Soar Honorclaw in Cleansing the Steel.

Panaku's attempt is the second assassination attempt to be directed at Swift Honorclaw. At the Tengu Accords, the corrupt War Minister Wona ordered the murder of both him and Gull Hookbeak, but that attempt failed.


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