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A Warrior wielding a Long Sword


A Sword is a right hand weapon that causes slashing damage (or, in a few cases, blunt damage). Unlike the other warrior weapons, many sword skills use energy rather than adrenaline. Some sword skills rely on bleeding to do much of their damage, so against enemies who cannot bleed, an axe or hammer may be a better choice.

Dictionary Sword Definition: "A weapon consisting typically of a long, straight or slightly curved, pointed blade having one or two cutting edges and set into a hilt (handle)" - [1]."

The Warrior's Swordsmanship attribute improves damage dealt by the sword and related skills, and is often a requirement for this weapon type. Skills from this attribute can only be performed when equipped with a sword.

Damage Stats[]

Swords tend to have a narrower range of damage than axes and hammers; however, the average damage output is comparable (e.g. a sword may do 5-7 damage, whereas an axe of the same quality would do 3-9). Swords tend to be the median of the three warrior weapon types, as they have the least minimum/maximum damage ratio.

The maximum damage range for swords is 15-22, with critical hits dealing 31 damage. Swords with maximum damage have been observed with attribute requirements as low as 7. Swords with an attribute requirement of 0 have been observed with damage ranges as high as 8-10. (Candy cane and wintergreen swords have 10-10 damage).

Swords swing every 1.33 seconds. (There is a general misconception that swords swing once every 1 second, however that is not true.)

On average, the highest level sword will do 13.9 damage per second (18.5 damage per hit), while its axe counterpart would do 12.8 dps (17 dph) and the hammer would do 16.3 dps (27dph).

Upgrades and Modifiers[]

A sword can be equipped with a magic Sword Hilt (name prefix) and/or Sword Pommel (name suffix) to add extra bonuses to the weapon.

Furthermore, a sword may come with a number of non-salvageable magic modifiers.

See "Weapon Upgrades", "Weapon modifier", and "Inscription" for details.

Sword Types[]

Note: The visual appearance has no influence whatsoever on the weapon stats. A Brute Sword with damage 15-22 is just as good as a Shadow Blade with damage 15-22. Which look you prefer is merely a matter of taste.

Please consult our visual gallery or see them listed by campaign below.


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