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Magma shield[edit source]

I've obtained Magma Shield from a chest before (before the Key days), does that make it still "specific" to Titans?

Yes, general chests drop everything. They are still around in UW and FoW (after doing quests) and they still throw up anything. That has no bearing on this issue. Can someone confirm if it's Magma's Shield or Magma shield? --Karlos 08:45, 20 November 2005 (UTC)

Titan (Monster), and Titan (Species)?[edit source]

Right at the end of the Abaddon's Mouth mission, the Lich makes a single titan to kill us. it clearly counts as a fire titan, but it is NOT a "Burning Titan". it's name is just "titan", it causes burning to adjacent, but it does not split into smaller creatures so it is different. can someone add a page for it? --User:Aptaleon Griefhaven

Myeah, I don't really think it needs its own page, but I'll add a note into this article about it. --Erszebet 10:06, 3 April 2007 (CDT)