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In PvE, there is a rumor that a mob's initial aggro is heavily influenced by whoever first calls a target. Could anyone verify this? The previous unsigned comment was added by

I'd assume that this effect may often have more to do with the fact that the person calling is often (not always, but often) the one who first aggros the beasties. However, I'd still be unsure of this. 19:40, September 25, 2010 (UTC)

Undocumented Update[edit source]

Anet recently updated the wording of the call system. When you ctrl-click an enchantment on you, for instance, it will say "I am enchanted with <enchanment>!". If you ctrl-click the stance you're in, it'll say "My stance is <stance>!". You can test it out for yourselves, these are the ones I've seen:

Enchantment: I'm enchanted with <skill name>!

Hex: I'm hexed with <skill name>!

Condition: I'm suffering from the <condition> condition!

Shout: I'm empowered by <skill name>!

Skill: I'm under the effects of <skill name>!

Stance: My stance is <skill name>!

I haven't seen the new text for nature spirits or Ritualist spirits (both friendly and hostile). Just figured I'd post about it somewhere. --Cjad the Nord December 10th, 2007 2:53am

Calling Enemy Skills[edit source]

Firstly, anyone find it strange that, if a enemy fails to use a skill (i.e., it's interrupted or otherwise fails), the call-text still says "X used Y skill!"? Secondly, who agrees with me that, after the game says "X used Y!", it should say "It's super effective!"? 19:33, September 25, 2010 (UTC)