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Does Aziure not also use Ward Against Harm? That's the point of her quest, I believe. -Auron of Neon 02:14, 24 May 2006 (CDT)

I saw her use the skill Ward Against Harm. I'll edit that. Kalomeli 11:58, 15 June 2006 (CDT)

can some one du the followind?put her picture under the descontinud set of armor for the elementalist:the adenpt armor because thats the armor she is wearingThe preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) 17:27, 4 August 2006 (CDT).

i dont think there is a discontinued armor page? remember to sign your comments with four tildes (~~~~) User:ST47(talk) 17:30, 4 August 2006 (CDT)
I always assumed it was the female outfit of Flaming Sceptre Mages... then again, I'm assuming that the Order she refers to is The Order of the Flaming Sceptre. But I could be wrong. --Valentein 16:31, 26 September 2006 (CDT)

Devona uses an elite as well in pre so shouldn't it be that she is one of four? If anyone disagrees (I don't know why they would) feel free to change it back.

Devona uses earthshaker, Aziure uses Ward against harm, Rogue Bull uses Bull's Charge, Rurik uses Hundred blades and Vaatlaw uses Barrage.

Water Magic[]

Funny. She is level 5, meaning she has a maximum of 20 attribute points to spend. Yet still she has her Water Magic at level 6, which costs 21 points... --Sirrus Ignoren 17:09, 10 October 2007 (UTC)

She did a 15 attrib quest in pre. doh XD --VipermagiSig.JPG -- (s)talkpage 17:22, 10 October 2007 (UTC)
Minor Water Magic Rune much?
More like a headgear bonus. J Striker 12:05, 28 March 2008 (UTC)
Well, neither option was viable before, but now the Charr drop runes and Salvage kits, so a Rune makes sense. Headgear bonuses are not available until Post. The girl did some Charr hunting at lvl 5 (or had a gullible Wammo go do it for her :] - she has some rather skimpy armor, but I checked, no thong...). RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.png 05:51, 23 March 2009 (UTC)