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Beast Mastery bug?[]

Strangely, I've been doing AB today with a Beast Mastery Ranger; for some strange reason, at 13 B.M., when my pet dies, none of my skills are disabled. I know it's nothing to do with the "15 second rule", because I'm getting no disable even on the first death... was this "downside" removed with one of the recent updates? And more importantly, was it intentional? --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 07:54, 23 February 2008 (UTC)

There's never been any disable in AB because there's no punishment for death, for humans or animals. --Macros 09:26, 23 February 2008 (UTC)


GW has been very laggy this week, i can't do anything on it, anyone else been getting this problem? Babybored.jpg Bored 22:08, 25 February 2008 (UTC)

I've been having some issues. Nothing to make it unplayable, but yes, I've noticed it too. Cronus91 23:59, 25 February 2008 (UTC)
Haven't seen any recently, to be honest.--AlariSig.jpg 00:25, 26 February 2008 (UTC)


Hi! Ive been using this wiki for a long time, but I still do not know how to add a question in discussion. Yes, I know this is insanely noobish, but can anyone tell me how to properly add a comment or question? Ive just been editing the discussion page, and not doing it with the right indents or signature. Help?

Hiya. Welcome to the wiki. Here are a few pages that might be helpful to you. :) GuildWiki:Request_assistance and GuildWiki:Editing_guide. To add your signature, type four tildes, like so: ~~~~ or clicking the signature button. Also, indents are added using colons, :. If you have any other questions, gimme a buzz on my talk page (Click the talk link in my signature and then click edit right up the top. =) You might also want to make your own username by registering and starting up a page in the "User:" wikispace (Check others as an example.) Good luck. Bigrat2sAvatar.jpg Bigrat2 Talk 23:39, 27 February 2008 (UTC)
Ok! Thank-you for your informative and timely response! Now I can see what pages I changed and moniter them with ease. Thanks!--**hobo1134** 00:02, 28 February 2008 (UTC)

Tourny points (Feb)[]

Has anyone got their tournament prediction points for the February tournament yet? Its 2ed March right now and the tourny has started so shouldn't we be able to collect them? Or am I missing something here? The preceding unsigned comment was added by (contribs) .

[1]. they know there is a problem and will probably fix it soon.. -{[ PUL ]}- 15:13, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

Interesting Little Thing[]

Me and a few of my Guildmates noticed a new feature today. I don't know if it was part of this update or some other thing. Or possibly from an update 50 years ago, but here it is: When someone is using a skill and you CTRL Click it, it says (for example) "Master of Whispers is using Death Nova" but if you CTRL Click after the skill is used it says (for example) "Master of Whispers has used Death Nova". Just thought it was interesting. -- 07:06, 3 March 2008 (UTC)

Someone mentioned that it might have occurred when the blank calling glitch was fixed. --Scottie bow.jpg Scottie_theNerd (argue) 08:02, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, it was probably with the last update if not a little earlier. I noticed it just yesterday in game, and I'm quite sure it wasn't up a few days before that. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 08:04, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
YESSSS! I've been waiting for this for a LONG time! Great job ANet! -- Gem (gem / talk) 13:45, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
Hey look, it's Gem! --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 13:54, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
Bah, this wasn't what I understood it was. I thought that you could ctrl-click skills on your bar that are recharging, but it just meant that skills that have been used get this when you have someone selected and ctrl-click on the skill that they've used in the skill monitor. -- Gem (gem / talk) 00:56, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
Hmm, that would be something to hope for... "Meteor Shower is recharging!", etc. Is it already added to Gaile's Suggestions page? Would be a nice one to add if it's not already there. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 01:13, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
I would prefer wording like "My skillname is not fully charged yet" or so. But this is really a good idea because there's often people who treat you of noob for not doing (another) shower or anything as if it's our fault it's taking some time to be usable again. TulipVorlax 01:30, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, it's just a slightly different message when you complete the casting, witch doesn't change much, or at least I can't find any big uses for it... "my skill is recharging!" is still needed, and was since the start of Guild Wars :/ — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 03:55, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
Along with that, we could do with a "I am enchanted with Healing Breeze for 3 more seconds" or perhaps even just "I am enchanted with <enchantment> (3)" for a shorter message -Gamer Jay 12:05, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
"I am being attacked by (5) Bladed Attaxes!" comes next. :D
But yeh... being able to ping a recharging skill, or ping an effect that's about to end... both would be quite nice. Pinging recharging skills is probably an easier and more useful one to hope for first. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 12:29, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
"My Holy Veil is recharging for 10 more seconds." Yes, I want that for my Monk. J Striker 12:35, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
Better yet, "Word of Healing is recharging for 47 more seconds." That's right people, kill the shutdown Mesmer instead of complaining about my lackluster healing. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 12:37, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
"My Resurrection Signet doesn't want to recharge!" — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 13:07, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
"My Signet of Capture is gone!" -Gamer Jay 14:18, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
Where would you click to make that one pop up? --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 14:34, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
That's basically the joke :D -Gamer Jay 15:14, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

(Reset indent) I figured, but I still want to figure it out. >.< --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 15:20, 4 March 2008 (UTC)

iono, during the skill replacing animation? -Gamer Jay 15:32, 4 March 2008 (UTC)
No, that would be "I'm learning a new skill!" :P --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 05:23, 5 March 2008 (UTC)
Yep, it would be fun to be able Ctrl-click just about anything. I wonder if kind this mechanic will pass on to GW2... hopefully. J Striker 05:24, 5 March 2008 (UTC)
Yeah. Ctrl Click the ground: "I'm moving to 52°13′N, 21°02′E!" — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 05:48, 5 March 2008 (UTC)
Though there won't be mousewalking in GW2. ;) J Striker 05:59, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Babybored.jpg Bored 21:16, 5 March 2008 (UTC)


These notes can't be real, or else I'm gonna de-install this game now. Sucks that I bought GW:EN today.--Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 20:15, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

huh? I don't see anything particularly bad... --Shadowcrest 20:18, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
It's nerfday again. Guess Izzy is in a bad mood. --OrgXSignature.jpg 20:24, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Every skill mentioned there got nerfed. --Warwick sig.JPG Warwick (Talk)/(Contr.) 20:25, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Yay, Izzy finally got rid of that nasty recharge on Rodgort's invoke. PvE bless ya. Yikey 20:26, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Poor WY! --OrgXSignature.jpg 20:27, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Don't see anything particularly bad!? Wtf?? They TOTALLY, UTTERLY ruined any worthwile assassin skills. This is unbearable, I'm gonna de-install GW now. It's like a HUGE slap into my face, after I thought about buying GW:EN for a long time if it's worth it for me just for some extra skills. Then I finally decide to do it today, and now just 10 minutes ago the whole game, or better said my whole class was destroyed in the blink of an eye (and no I don't use shadow prison) --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 20:27, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Taki, you're overreacting. Don't stop believin'! Also, <3 Wail of Doom now. Yikey 20:30, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
All that I notice that is uber bad is WY, Shroud of Silence, Augury (deserved, tbh), and Siphon Speed. And I guess flame djinn's. --Shadowcrest 20:32, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Flame Djinn's I can understand. Now 99.0043% of all the HM Raptor farmers will get demotivated and stop farming Ele Swords. Yay, economy! Yikey 20:33, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Can anyone explain to me what happened to WY!? I'll have to remove it from my Warrior Heroes skill bar, because I don't care about +18 armor, if it's just for 2 attacks -_- Also (something a lot are missing) New weapon skins!! Where are they?? :D — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 20:35, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
WTF!!!!!!Ereanorsign.jpgreanor 20:48, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Why did they murder Siphon Speed? --Gimmethegepgun 21:05, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
One of the best skills in the game and they destroyed it. Worthless now. *sniff* -- Aubee91 01:24, 7 March 2008 (UTC)


Screw that, what matters more is that WY is now completely and utterly useless --Gimmethegepgun 21:08, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
BUT OH MY GOD THEY BUFFED SPRINT! Wait, what? --GamerJ (Talk!) 21:17, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

i think they broke something, 1 hour after this update another 1 comes along O.o Babybored.jpg Bored 21:14, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Broke something? Did you read the update notes? they broke everything.. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (contribs) .

Well Brawl's coming out sunday, so at least we have something to do until GW2 comes out. I still wish they hadn't broken this GW tho -- 21:26, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

I'm waiting for that game for way more than 1 year now, still not even a release date planned for germany *cries* --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 21:33, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Well..its not totaly broken..The supposedly underpowered paragons are about on par with sins and warriors...And the godlike dervishes are now just about equal with necros now YAY FOR NERFS/BAD BUFFS!
Am I the only one to think that ANet has eventually found a utility for Sprint? It was way too underpowered compared to Enraging Charge. Now it proudly replaces it on my chestrunning skillbar ( not that it has become God but it cooler than before, the only thing that lacks coolness is this skill's animation; Enraging's better.) Topinambour 21:53, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
In this skill update Anet have radically changed the entire function of skills more than any other previous update. Fact! Seb2net 21:57, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
Next time they will reduce the amount of hits Prot Spirit can take before ending A la Spirit Bond. *sarcasm again* Seb2net 22:16, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Fool! dont give them ideas. holy hell they raped most of GW, they're trying to get proffessions useful again, did you see lion's comfort? you can practically spam that now, and it recently had a buff with the healing of it. aside from that, most everything was destroyed. if they were to nerf anything, I'd suggest those stupid ursan blessing jerks, that's overpowered, and deserves a nerf. not that I condone nerfing. -- 22:57, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

The nerfstick of Doom is lurking around it's prey, feeding on comments filled with despair. Hard luck, Anet suck (omg,rhyme :p)
Aww man, they fixed the simple thievery bug. And zomg, I love the new Wail of Doom and Psychic Instability <3 SnagretpuddingSig.png Snagretpudding 01:31, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

New small update 15 minutes ago, presumably to fix teh bug. 01:45, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

NOOOO!! Fire eles are dead....Sins are dead...Watch Yourself....omfffg....Im usually a positive is the first update I've hated!!!!!!!! HATED!!!!- 02:26, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Fire eles are dead? LOL. Learn how to play fire eles kthx. DKS01 02:53, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Why on earth is Deathly Swarm nerfed? Who the hell abused that? That's a staple skill for any and all necros for a while...what caused that, of all things? 03:17, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Nerfed? They cut that god-awful cast time by a second, I think that makes up for the recharge. It's going off every eight seconds instead of six now, if you're spamming it, which is a nerf, but being able to actually get it off without five people interrupting you is kinda nice. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 03:25, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Ehhh, 2 seconds means you won't be interrupted? In PvP, any halfway decent player still won't have any trouble interrupting a 2 sec cast time spell, so it doens't help there, and in PvM monsters can pull off interrupts of 3/4 second cast spells without a ton of effort, so 2 seconds certainly isn't gonna be a challenge for them there, either. If you were having trouble getting it off without being interrupted before, I really don't see this making it all that much better. I know I haven't had any problems interrupting monsters with Swarm post-update... DKS01 04:44, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Bye-bye GW... there's been 2+ yrs now and Anet never ceased making too often and too many changes to the skills - be them nerfs or even buffs (esp. monster skills) they always break some builds, render useless some of the gear you bought specifically for a build and I got tired of always having to re-change builds/gear/playstyle and not being able to just join the fun as soon as I login because some1 in Anet just broke things again... seems like the only ones who are always having fun are those making the updates.
I think they changed Deathly Swarm because it's annoying for those Minion Masters to cast it from almost 3 whole seconds and then have it interrupted. Now MMs 1) Won't get so frustrated after casting it for only 1½ seconds before interrupt, and 2) can't spam this spell so often, thus less fatal interrupts. =P J Striker 10:06, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Except for a few changes (aftercast removal and some skills) - death and doom to all classes... --EraDKtor 12:33, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

I made a userbox for those who disagree with this update ¬_¬

Technobabble.jpg This user is currently unsure what Anet have been smoking

--Cobalt | Talk 19:27, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Oh, so close. Should be 'has been smoking" as anet is technically one entity. I agree with the sentiment, though :P 05:53, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Ah, clearly i fail grammar...but you get the idea :P --Cobalt | Talk 09:37, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
They broke deep again too, changed the patrols in Scorpion aspect. What an awesome idea - Let's totally break Oni so they're impossible to control, THEN take the hardest bit of deep and make it so you have to kill all but one group of outcast, making it a load harder while making the only effective way of healing there crap by nerfing Heal Party. Hey, i've a new idea for them, why don't you add a few hundred outcast mobs to the first room to make sure people are awake when you enter Anet? At least then we wouldn't need to muck around for 30 minutes before dying because of stupid spawns or changed patrols. Love the box Cobalt <3 12:10, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
I cant believe how they batted down a few of these skills , especially WY. It simly got nerfed due to overusage on Parragons , frankly enough i dont see this update crippling Parragons in the usage of this skill since it still offers energy and some slight party support , the Warriors are really getting hit here. All in all i cant believe Anet is putting the bat on so manny proffession specific PvP skills (they're seemingly trying to destroy every single class) , while a certain PvE bear skill deserves some heavy nerfing , in my opinion. - Naturally to ballance out for PvP , but i'm going to hate to see even more Ursans in PvE now -- --Oremir 10:13, 9 March 2008 (GMT+1)
Yeah, honestly they should stop slaughtering skills simply because of Leadership, when instead they should be fixing leadership! How many nerfs have come to pass ENTIRELY because of Leadership? --Gimmethegepgun 16:18, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
I have to wonder what the hell is going on with the string of updates lately along with many others here. For a software company that has been so wrapped up in development of GW2 they certainly do seem to have a lot of time on their hands to make seemingly pointless and major nerfs to popular skills that don't need them. The only positive thing I can say about the recent GW skill hate bestowed upon us by Izzy is that necros haven't taken any further beatings. I guess they got us out of the way when they dropped the soul reaping atomic bomb. I for one would appreciate it if the game would get to a point where they would freeze the content, nerf the bejesus out of Ursans, and stick Izzy back under the rock where they found him. If they can't separate the skill tweaks out in PvE/PvP sides I will not be buying GW2...if I wanted to play a massively dynamic game I'd go play M:tG and deal with errata and formats. For those who complain about WY!, I feel your pain...poor anet you fail it! 00:10, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
Am I the only one that doesn't really care about "WY"? It WAS overpowered, being way too easy to create a constant blanket of armor buff. Half the time when I see people complaining about skill nerfs they're really complaining that things won't be as simple and easy as before. All this means to me is that casters (and I play a few casters, BTW (mostly monk and necro)) can't just sit around enjoying the buff from WY and will actually have to learn how to kite (which they should have learned a long time ago anyways). It requires players to be more skillful about using WY rather than just spamming it all the time. As it was before, WY and Mending Refrain gave the entire party a constant +3 health regen, which is just lazy, IMO. You can still do the WY -> MR setup, but now you have a greater risk of MR running out if you get bonked too many times before the War can build up enough adrenaline again. But, to each their own. If you wanna rage quit cos your old easy way of kicking ass has been changed and now you need to figure out some new tactics, your loss. Sorry, man. 07:38, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
I have to agree with the above. Skill nerfs don't just affect you but also the monsters you fight. It'd be awfully boring if all you did was mulch the monsters over and over again with the same build with the same team. Nerfs/buffs/updates keep it lively. Buff some less used skills, nerf the more commonly used skills and you force people to be creative, constantly coming up with new ways to get through an area. Complain less, think more --BeeD 04:26, 19 March 2008 (UTC)


gw589ou0.jpg attachmentke8.jpg Apparently they drop out of the Zchest (at least the first does.) Not going to start the articles yet, just thought I'd post then. Jamster Sig.jpg ---Jamster--- 21:20, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Heres a better picture (From official wiki)
That's concept art though, at least mine was an in game shot :P Not that the official wiki have the pic I have of it (H) Jamster Sig.jpg ---Jamster--- 21:38, 6 March 2008 (UTC)
"From the official wiki" lol I just uploaded it from the contest's page in GW.comEreanorsign.jpgreanor 21:41, 6 March 2008 (UTC)

Don't know if it's important but do they change district sizes in updates Palin Oni 01:28, 7 March 2008 (UTC)Palin Oni

IWAY WY!!!!! Seriously was that nerf needed just lost my soldier builds >.> if they want to go with the 1-3 strike thing they should at least change it to damage reduction so it might make a possible anti spike

If they were to do that they would have to up the Adrenaline requirement for WY, as it is such an easily spammable skill.
It would've been fine with just even more lengthened recharge time (around 10 seconds) and no attack limitation... J Striker 08:37, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Updated Districts are separate[]

I just noticed that when you download an update and rejoin your district, you get a new instance of the district (i.e. I'd assume that there is a spearate instance of each district for each version of the game). These districts don't even share party search announcements. However, the community server is not affected, i.e. whispers still work between different versions, and the guild roster also shows everyone regardless of update status. What would be the best place in the wiki to post this information? (mendel 01:44, 7 March 2008 (UTC))

Yeah, it's been like that for as far back as I can remember, I'd say at least a year. Ezekiel [Talk] 01:50, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Always been like that. And it's perfectly normal too. TulipVorlax 11:15, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Of course it is, but why isn't this documented in the wiki? Where should it be documented? (mendel 10:48, 18 March 2008 (UTC))
Ah, District turns out it's been there for a long time, you must've just missed it, I only found it when I went to add it. Ezekiel [Talk] 11:36, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
Great, thank you! (mendel 00:28, 19 March 2008 (UTC))

Good bye GW, Hello Smash Bros. Brawl...[]

Nerfing sins AGAIN? (They are already low-tier, as it is...) Nerfing most of the still-existing good spikes? Not nerfing pressure, buffing self-heals? What the fuck. The last half a year of updates has been this way. If they are trying to make everyone ragequit GW, they are doing an excellent job. I have been very patient, I have tried to sustain my interest in this game, but this is just too much, this is the straw on the camel's back. I do not think I will consider buying GW2 anymore...Slic 10:28, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

Play Mesmers from day 1 and see what they do to that class, THEN complain about sins. Losing a few spikes (there are many more out there, trust me), and having some elites hampered is nothing. Seriously, what is it with sin players thinking they have the raw deal? Paras have had much more nerfing done to them. Mesmers have seen the entire inspiration line re-worked, not because mesmers were using it, but because OTHER classes were using it. And Slic, I've seen people take a sin over a mesmer, just because "Mesmers are a waste of a character slot". 15:05, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
I am not just referring to the sin bashing. I am referring to skill changes in general. Take a look at the last half a year's worth of skill changes. The pattern is: hey, we HATE SPIKERS and gameplay that rewards good hand-eye coordination over teamwork, so LET'S NERF ALL THE SPIKES LOL. And while we're at it, buff pressure and buff self-heals!--Slic 17:47, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
As to mesmers being under-powered.. What are you smoking? Nearly every decent/balanced build has at least one mesmer in it. How often can you say that about a sin? A good(or even half decent) mesmer can completely shutdown a target. Typically 2 dps/spike based builds can't kill a good monk, a mesmer and 1 DPS/Spike can. Therefore mesmers are far from lacking. A mesmer can shutdown 1 or 2 melee/ranged classes just as easily. Sin spikes haven't been lethal for nearly a year now. Once you live over the spike(which you will sin spikes are slow, and rarely do over 250-350+DW), a sin is less useful than a sword W/Mo with no IAS. The only exception being A/D with a scythe of course, and that really isn't an issue with the sin class, that's more of a derv issue. 04:35, 8 March 2008 (UTC)

Times like this...I really wish I hadn't put in 200 some dollars for a game who's play testers, skill balancers and patchers haven't grasped the concept of making small changes to skills then testing them and seeing how they play out but instead..beat things senseless and wonder if it'ld still work hell I've been making balancing mods for years..sure a big change is nice to start out with then make small gradual changes to balance them out far for nearly 3 years all I've seen are hey let's make a huge skill change then change it back and make it worse then it was 2 weeks later..seriously is everyone that works for anet/guild wars high when they get to work or something? or are they just trying to make people quit on purpose so they dont have to pay for the GW servers anymore? Hopeless Situations

I've worked with Hopeless on DoW mods before, trust me changing a damage range from 35-15 to 40-15 is a good 2-4 hours of testing, lol. 04:35, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Slic, you just said it yourself. They nerf those skills to reduce excessive spikers and farmers in PvE/PvP so that complaints and economy stays somewhat balanced. Yikey 17:56, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Have you ever considered that people who have played this game a while and like spiking/farming (like me) do not complain about anything at first because they are HAPPY with the way things are? And then the small (but very vociferious) minority who cry about spikes being OP get their way. To sum it up, if it isn't broke, don't fix it..? WHINERS > PLAYERBASE? Well now that they "fixed" (i.e. BROKEN, killed all the fun, etc.) everything, it's a good time for me to stop playing, and to stop following GW2... If those who are now in charge of balancing skills played GW as much those who were in charge before, this would not happen... --Slic 00:01, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
For anyone from A-Net readin these to see player reactions, I just want to let you know not everyone is complaining about this update, or past ones for that matter. While updates that any change things will obviusly disrupt some people's builds or preferences, but i think the majority of people realize that you are trying your best to help it in general. It is imossible to make everyone happy when people have different preferences. And for how much you have to balance the game PvE AND PvP, as well as keeping it challenging and fun, I think you guys are doin a great job so far. And for being consistantly involved in the game, providing events, ect, thats realy great. Alot of games tend to lose thier involvment with the players over time. Glad to see that hasnt happened to you! And for a online MMO that isn't even subscription based, thats just one more plus. Over all, you're still doin a great job and I look forward to the next installment you have to give us! I hope you guys can get some more positive feedback every now and then, and not slams all the time. GJ A-Net! 23:53, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Well, I've become much more of a casual player lately and I am really, really getting tired of these updates. I si ti too much to ask that I can just hop and play a bit everyone now and then without having to worry about re-learning the game due to all of the skill changes?! I'm sorry, but even if they are acceptable changes the way Anet handles them is just wearing thin (e.g. when they broke Mhenlo due to a skill change). Argel 02:57, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
What really bothers me, is when they change things like, lets say Heal Party for example. One patch they boost it, the very next patch they nerf it past where it was before. Also for those that remember it, the "For Great Justice" balances. It started out as 10 energy 20 duration 45 recharge double adren. It then got nerfed to only +50% adren. Then, they suddenly boost it to 5 energy and double adren again. What gives? 04:40, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
To me one of the appeals of GW is not always using the exact same skills for years on your character. In finding new, creative ways to do things. With somewhere around 1000 skills to choose from there's always something new you can try. It's a dynamic system, and it's fun to going with the ride. Merick 13:01, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Shhh. Don't tell that to the griefers. They're afraid to try new things.
--"I really wish I hadn't put in 200 some dollars for a game who's play testers, skill balancers and patchers haven't grasped the concept of making small changes to skills then testing them and seeing how they play out but instead"--
Irregardless of your ill-informed rant, ANet DOES test skill changes. I suggest you "grasp the concept" that skill changes are subtle ways to keep the game fresh. Otherwise, you can just run the same build for years on end, beating the same areas over and over in the exact same manner. Maybe that'd fun for some, but I'd bet that most long-term players rather enjoy coming up with new ways to tackle difficult situations. 08:24, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
That's exactly it. In fact in the early days pre-nerf/buff updates, i stopped playing GW for several months because it got way boring, much like Diablo 2 when patches were once in a blue moon. I slapped a build on to my ranger or warrior and rampage through an area. Then what? There wasn't a hell of a lot of challenge when everything, including you, fights the same way. It does shit me when PVPers whine about some skill set that kicks the shit out of the them and how it dominates them etc etc. It shows a copmlete lack of brain power on behalf of those ppl in coming up with something to counter it. With every nerf/buff that's come out, I've studied the skills that I find relevant and determined my own optimal way of using those skills that I love, keeps the game stimulating. Maybe if the whiners think more they'd see the benefits. Don't forget also, that nerfs/buffs also affect the monsters as well and that too serves to increase the dynamic of the game. I've gotten to the point where I look forward to the next nerf/buff to see what ANet has done to make things more interesting, for me at least--BeeD 21:22, 19 March 2008 (UTC)

New skins[]

Added a set of player-designed weapons and items that were winners in the 2007Guild Wars Design-A-Weapon Contest. Everyone, look for new once :) — eXtinctioN (Talk/Contributions) 16:39, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

'* Confirmed new weapon skins include Celestial Compass, Draconic Shield and Demonic Aegis, as well as Serpentine Reaver, Emerald Blade, and Obsidian Edge.' Bit late :p Jamster Sig.jpg ---Jamster--- 16:41, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
 :( No frog wand and no wonderful bow like the one on the competition page. I hope they just haven't been found... Winterbay 17:52, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
I want new spears >.> Tain 18:03, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Another set of DAW weapons will be added in the future. — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 18:04, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Once again, sins and dervs get ignored with new weapons... Anet really, really hates any melee that isn't a warrior, don't they --Kalas Silvern 21:54, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
There are new scythes you know, they're just not added in to the game (as far as we know anyway) same goes for spears, I agree with the daggers, but hey, not ANets fault nobody sent in awesome dagger concepts (although I do agree it's not very fun for the sins) --GamerJ (Talk!) 22:08, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
Dervs are going to get this and possibly this. If you say that those don't look cool, I'm going to slap you... As far as Sins go... yeah, I want some LONG daggers ala Shiro's Blades, but nothing doing :( Only one dagger I fount in last years DAW (click) and it looks decent, but nothing extraordinary for the dagger line, and it especially doesn't look long.:( — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 23:27, 7 March 2008 (UTC)

How to tell if a nerf was warranted[]

If lots of people are screaming about a nerf, it was probably not merely justified, but necessary. If no one particularly cares that a skill got nerfed, then the nerf probably shouldn't have happened. People tend to pick the more powerful skills as the ones that they use. Furthermore, people get upset if the skills they use get nerfed, but not if skills they don't use get nerfed. The outcry when a skill is nerfed is proportional to the frequency with which it is used, which is in turn proportional to its relative strength. Quizzical 05:59, 8 March 2008 (UTC)

That's very bad reasoning - do you work for Anet? Imagine if they nerf movement speed so everyone moves half as slow. Just because something is useful to most people doesn't mean it should be nerfed. 11:02, 15 March 2008 (UTC)
Ok. 06:05, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Whatever you say dude, I'll just use some knockdown instead of Shadow Shroud now.... *sigh* --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 10:48, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Your reasoning quizzical is quite true but also implies one thing hidden deep inside. It will create a vicious circle : if a skill get nerfed, less people will use it, the metagame will change and players will find other skills to replace the one get nerfed. Hence, other skills will need to be nerfed etc.... Topinambour 10:51, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
The key is nerf, nerf and nerf again skills until all skills are balanced :) -- 11:08, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
This update was mainly nerfing, but note, that GW still had more buffs then nerfs. Of course there's feedback after nerfs, because skills get nerfed because they are overused. Buffs don't get that much of a feedback, because those are generally either "we deserve it" voices, or just a small group of people talking about it, because the rest doesn't use that skill and ignores it... ...oh, and I still don't understand what happened to WY! -_- — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 11:28, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
My way of seen things is a tad different.
Many time when i try a pug, they ask players to ping build. Most of the time i dont do it and they start the thing anyway and all goes well. We even get Master (or anything).
But sometimes, they make a real big deal of me not wanting to ping. They say i'm noob and get rid of me.
I've began to not liking showing my self made builds because i dont like when players say that i'm a #&%$* noob to not use a skill.
So, after hearing and reading everywhere that, say, Mystic Regen is a must, i might explore that path. And then Anet change the skill in way that it can't be use to the same extend anymore.
I moslty never farm because farming tricks get deprecated before i have the chance to try them. And i wont spent hours on the net in search of way to adapt things. Another thing is that i dont have the knowledge of every single skill nor every ways to use each. All i want to do with this game is to play it. Not getting a headache trying to figure what build would work in a way to get nearly invicible agaisnt one type of foes in one area.
I ajust my builds to the situation when really needed for the mission/quest/thing to be successfull but aside that, i dont. I play with the skills i like, and even with only heroes and henchies, i get master.
So, even when thing get nerf, aside from farming, it's no big deal. If i was to put my builds for display here, many of you would yell at heresie or so. But i still get master (not talking about hard mode by the way).
So yes, nerfing is Anet way to counter abusing of skills that players have found overpowering ways to use them. But me, i did not even get the chance yet of abusing of those. Lol.
I hope this is not too confusing. I hope someone will understand me even though english is not my first language and i have a lot of trouble finding proper wording to express my thoughs. TulipVorlax 15:38, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
By the way, i dont say that Anet should not have made thoses nerf, that is not for me to judge. TulipVorlax 15:46, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
So then if ArenaNet nerfs overpowered skills that you didn't use and other players won't then demand that you use those skills, shouldn't you be happy about that?
I generally insist on seeing everyone's build before starting a pickup group for several reasons. Demanding that they use some particular build is, however, not one of those reasons. Some people want to run builds with things that are comically wrong, such as dividing most of their attribute points between hammer mastery and swordsmanship, or leaving a lot of attribute points unallocated entirely. Some people don't adjust their builds to the mission at hand at all, such as a pure fire nuker in Hell's Precipice or a minion master in a mission where corpses are not exploitable. It really does help to correct things like that before starting a mission.
Some builds have more subtle issues. The most common problem is people who are unfamiliar with hard mode wanting to go with a purely offensive build, not realizing that in many missions, that is not meaningfully more useful than leaving a party slot empty entirely and going shorthanded. Another problem can be duplicating skills: it can be useful if one player brings some particular hex, but a second player also bringing that same hex so that the two players can mostly overwrite each other's casts doesn't add much. Both builds may be perfectly reasonable on their own, but they don't go together well, and the only way to catch things like that is to ask people what build they're using. Quizzical 21:12, 8 March 2008 (UTC)
Just wondering what exactly the problem is with a pure fire nuker in Hell's Precipice? I've done that mission 3 times with my fire nuker and only once was there another player with Winter. It works just fine, sure the monsters have a slightly higher armour against fire but you cna still do massive amounts of damage to multiple targets and most of them can still burn so no problem there either. (I hope it's ok to put a reply in the middle like this...) Winterbay 10:01, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
What he said... RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 19:27, 9 March 2008 (UTC)
IMO, the only way to look at the nerf of a skill is to think about how useful it is compared to other skills. For instance, Shroud Of Silence is basically a removable, only-affects-spells, doesn't-affect-movement, ELITE, knockdown. It's very obvious in this case that the skill was nerfed far too hard. On the other hand, Siphon Speed was very overpowered, since it was essentially a 50% snare that costed 5 energy, recharged in 5 seconds, and lasted more than twice its duration with a fair spec in Deadly Arts. Now, I think it's underpowered, as even if the moving condition is met, you'd have to have 15 in Deadly Arts for it to last its duration. IMO, it should be radar range and last its recharge at 8-spec if condition is met. Also, "WY!" was far overnerfed, considering other defense skills and the reason why it was nerfed. They should make Leadership affect only paragon skills, and revert all of the warrior shouts to their previous glory. And one last mention, Death Pact Signet. Now, its drawback of a possible second forced death is just too much to outweigh its advantages. I really think they just overdid at least a third of these skills... I'm not sure how much longer I'll hold out against these (mostly) uncalled for nerfs. 06:10, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
I agree that the WY! nerf was overdone; lots of tweaks could have been made to it, but the attack limit makes it barely useful at all. I do have to disagree with you on Shroud; while it is removable, a good 'Sin is using it on the player with the removal, which makes that a moot point. And last I checked, no KD skill kept a player on the ground for 9 seconds. In normal sized, organized PvP, the removability factor made it less of a problem; but in smaller arenas, such as RA or TA, the chances of it getting removed were slim to none. And considering that most 'Sins can "goldfish" in about nine seconds, it was pretty much an instant kill on any caster. As a Monk, getting hit with this skill means having to sit there and watch your character get pounded on for nine seconds; if it was a competent attacker, that would normally be followed by sitting there and waiting for a res. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 06:58, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
True, but look at it now... 3 sec at 12 DA is unlikely, because you still need Dagger Mastery and Critical Strikes to fuel your attack. You'll probably have a 2 sec spell blackout on the enemy... and knockdowns also last 2 seconds, but they also disable attacks and snare the enemy -_- The skill was just over-nerfed. — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 11:33, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

(Reset indent) And funny enough, with 2 points in Domination Magic a Blackout will last just as long as SoS at 12. Felix Omni Signature.png 11:36, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

Umm... yeah, but note that Blackout will also disable all your skills. It's (a lot) better if someone else will do the killing, but you won't be able to kill the target yourself. — Poki#3 My Talk Page :o, 12:45, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

@Jio, you're talking about the pre-nerf SoS. Now, it doesn't last long enough to get more than two attacks or so out before it ends (which is often how long an RA/TA monk takes to realize he's in trouble). Pre-nerf, I'd agree with you on it, and I'd almost go to say it was overpowered in RA/TA, but now, it's just another cow turd of an elite. BTW, the user 68.212 is me, forgot to sign in.Jaigoda 15:43, 10 March 2008 (UTC)

Observing the amount of protest does not tell you whether a skill was nerfed too much, but only whether it deserved to be nerfed in the first place. Quizzical 23:11, 10 March 2008 (UTC)
Don't you ever go into game community management. 00:43, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Anet doesn't have community management, just one or two people who listen to the elitist whiners.--AlariSig.jpg 00:45, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Strong /agree with the first half of that statement. :S ANet/Izzy rarely knows when something should be "tested" and when something should be "fixed". (ie. nerfed bad for all) Entropy Sig.jpg (T/C) 00:51, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Who do you think Izzy hangs out with ingame? Not the common folk who posses the trait known as common sense.--AlariSig.jpg 00:52, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
AFAIK anet is focusing on GW2 and has redirected all their good resources (employees) towards that goal. What I don't get though is: why continue to change the game when you are understaffed and lack the knowledge/in-game experience to properly make such changes? Why not just redirect employees like Izzy to GW2 as well, so that the game can at least STAY THE SAME, and not get any worse? Just my 2 cents on a dying game full of jaded noobs/whiners who can't stop 2-second spikes. I don't play anymore (as of sunday, brawl's release date), but maybe, just maybe, somebody from anet will take my advice.--Slic 18:14, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Unfortunately, people from anet don't read anything on this wiki... although I think an employee did upload a render fairly recently. Felix Omni Signature.png 18:25, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Actually, now that Slic mentions it, I think it might be a GOOD thing Izzy is screwing things up here. Why? Because that means he isn't out there screwing up GW2 before it's even RELEASED! --Gimmethegepgun 18:45, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Good point.--AlariSig.jpg 20:15, 11 March 2008 (UTC)
Not a good point, since there are people who love GW1 (like me) and won't ever buy GW2 (Z-Axis jumping[yay WoW kiddies], racials[yay racism, its fun getting to know that a caster of the race XYZ is way better cause of racial ABC], no click to move, Asuran players - and the good surviving Ascalonians have lost too) wtgdf. --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 00:27, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
Oh, and probably no Assassins, Ritualists, Paragons and Dervishes. - And no more Dwarves. --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 00:35, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
So you don't like GW2 because it will contain more stuff? You would rather play gw back at prophecies with no heroes, no factions, no dungeons, a single story line, much fewer skills, etcetera?
Races and racism, you just said " no click to move, Asuran players " So you would be "racist" and this would make GW2 bad?
You seem to be quick to jump the gun on GW2, while criticizing the direction GW1 is going in at the same time.--AlariSig.jpg 02:47, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
I don't get at all how you understood my post, maybe you didn't. I won't like GW2 cause they are going into WoW's direction. I HATE friggin kids jumping around all the time (in wow you can even cancel a caster's cast by jumping through them). I like GW1 how it is now (except for the ridiculous nerfs to assa skills and ursans), and I wouldn't mind another addon either. Evry addition to GW1 was in GUILD WARS style, not copied off some other mmo, they didn't care that evry other mmo had jumping, huge level limits, etc, and with GW2 they change their mind. And I hate it.
And to the racism part: I HATE racials. I hate the class fluctuation and frustration it causes to new players. You probably won't see many norn casters because of bearform, and maybe some newb at GW2 will make a norn Ele, just to later at lvl 40 find out that an Asura Ele would be tons better because of racial XYZ, get frustrated and leave. Also I wouldn't call 4 less classes "more stuff". --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 09:42, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
Do you know about sidekick system, that is meant to off-set level differences? I have never heard it before GW2, never heard of anything similiar system. Also, if you want to do structured PvP, you'll get all the stuff you ever needed / there was unlocked. It kinda migitates the now-good Faction system, but at least we can get to the serious aciton instantly. I have no idea about classes/races system, since there has been yet very limited info about that. Imo you're judging ANet a bit too hastly. And I can't understand what's wrong with jumping. O.O Z-axis is just what this game needed. I was always deeply annoyed in Ascalon and numerous other areas when there was but a small, simple ledge and you couldn't move past it. Swimming and other types of environment will probably open us some new, 'natural' environment effects. Like someone of the ANet staff said how skills work differently in different situations. Like casting a Fireball mid-air, or maybe underwater may have different result. That sounds rly cool imo... And lastly, all professions have been kept quite balanced to this point. I doubt that'll change in GW2. Since there'll be different playable races, you'll probably have a profession unavailable to that race, but instead you'll get something else in return (similiar to WoW style, if you don't understand what I'm talking about). That kind of system would be very similiar to Factions-Nightfall setting. J Striker 09:57, 12 March 2008 (UTC)
We will see when GW2's release comes near, still, I will not ever abandon GW1, it's one of my fav games and won't be replaced by GW2. I can't take it when they wanna ruin GW1 through updates like this. --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 12:19, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

Quoting: "Your reasoning quizzical is quite true but also implies one thing hidden deep inside. It will create a vicious circle : if a skill get nerfed, less people will use it, the metagame will change and players will find other skills to replace the one get nerfed. Hence, other skills will need to be nerfed etc...."

That's the whole point, of course. The only incorrect thing about the above statement is the notion that there's anything vicious about this circle. Rather, the circle is necessary to keep the game afloat. Regarding Slic's " that the game can at least STAY THE SAME," that's exactly what they're trying to prevent. A game like this is like a shark -- if it doesn't keep moving it's going to die. If the meta-game doesn't constantly evolve, things become static, stagnant, and people get bored with it. When they get bored, they quit. So, expect them to continue stirring this pot until GW2 is ready, whether it "needs" it or not, otherwise, GW is just going to die, and that will be very detrimental for GW2 since GW players are the people most likely to buy GW2.

Expect regular skill balance changes. Monthly wouldn't be too often. It doesn't matter whether the skills needed to be changed or not -- there will be change for the sake of change, because the only alternative at this point is death. It's the only thing to keep the game interesting at this point. -- 06:50, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

The meta is stagnant. 18:45, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

ahh, a stagnant meta - what a shame. affects all the PvPers in the game. poor folks. what offends me about this is they are changing skills to keep the interest of the PvP community. after all, the "hard core" types (spend upwards of 5 hours a day online) might like to have to recreate their builds every few days. now, the PvE players (you know, that 75%+ of the player base???) are more likely to be casual, 1-2 hour a day types. having to spend 1 hour of that time figuring out what happened to your build, and how to make it even a shadow of it's former self, is a deterent to playing.

unfotunately, Izzy/Andrew exist ONLY in the PvP world, and listen ONLY to the top ranked guilds in GvG. since this is an extraordinarily small percentage of the playerbase, most skill "balances" are going to piss off most of the rest of the people who play the game.

my one hope is that the extremely long time GW2 is taking, is because they are taking every skill combo available, and making them balanced at the start - so we MIGHT not have to put up with monthly (or more) raping of our builds. idle hope that... Stale bongwater 14:09, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

And once again someone forgot Paragons make your team go /tankway, consumables are not expensive and cheesefest buttons, and a 6 Necro team can steamroll just about everything. Seriously, if they wanna nerf stuff for PvE, kill PvE skills, wreck Leadershit, kill Soul Reaping (no its not dead.) --- VipermagiSig.JPG-- (s)talkpage 15:09, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

The nerfs were somewhat warranted - stop whining, enjoy the dynamism and adjust. What I would have loved to have seen was some good buffs to the hordes of junk elites. 11:27, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Instead, they added one to the bunch.. --Takisig.jpgTaki Fujiko 12:34, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
Pre-Veil doesn't seem to exist for ANet. What they did to Shroud was completely unnecessary. J Striker 12:42, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

event lag[]

anyone else getting this? Babybored.jpg Bored 19:31, 9 March 2008 (UTC)

Too many skill updates?[]

I really enjoy playing Guild Wars. I like developing new techniques and avenues to get through an area. But there are these massive skill updates. Not only does it affect my character. But it affects the entire team that I may have spent days setting up my builds to run in specific areas. Of course, this also affects how the enemies are going to encounter our group, as well. When there are 30 odd updates in all different classes, the changes are difficult to absorb all at once. We all understand that changes have to be made from time to time. But please understand, that these multitude of changes are difficult for adults to understand completely, much less for our younger counterparts. I know the changes may seem simple to development staff. But many players only have a few hours a day to enjoy the Guild Wars realm. We don't have the ability to spend hours memorizing in game details since it isn't our job. We spend 8 or more hours a day doing some other chore that we get paid for and then come home to have a nice relaxing evening on Guild Wars, if life permits (and we can figure out what the effects of 20 skill actually do).

The correct to you want is "too". Now about your issue, it's very sad when someone needs days to set up their build. Now, I may play slightly less than those so-called casual players, but it's simple to understand what a skill does, it's just experience with the game. Skill balances fix problems 90% of the time, and so they're necessary. I would say that most of the GW players have no problem understanding skill balances and how skills work. Or at least they should. --Mr. Mango 01:12, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
Nah, not really (talking about mr mango, I agree with the anon) 02:43, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
ok, i'm one of those folks that spent months tweaking my builds - get the to the point where only minor changes (1 skill, normally) are needed to do anything at all. finding that every month or so, that effort has to be reapplied to keep my builds functional, is just uncool. now, i've been playing for most of 3 years - since gw was first available commercially, so it's not that hard for me to think of a quick substitute for a raped skill. a person who's only played for a couple months, on the other hand, either won't know what skill makes a suitable substitute, or won't have them unlocked/available. i sympathize with the anon above, in that a true casual player (which i suppose i no longer qualify as) doesn't know most of the skills by heart, and might not see synergy between skills immediatly from their descriptions.
bleh, tired, and pissed. my support tank is dead, my support para is getting hated on, since paragon's are responsible for the warrior nerfs, mostly. about the only good thing i can see from all the updating is that the IMBA sins are no longer a class that will gank you in 3 seconds no matter what. yeah, i'm one of those few who plays PvP and PvE - actually, phrase that right. I PvP with chars that have beaten all of PvE. if you look back far enough, that's how PvP was envisioned... anywho, enough ranting, time to break out the wii, go hack and slash some.
as a seperate note, this talk page is getting long enough to justify another archive - i would, but i'm not sure how, and i'm loath to break anything on the wiki...Stale bongwater 14:09, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Warrior skill changed?[]

is it just me or has Seeking Blade been totally changed x_X?-Rawr raven raven 01:37, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Well it says the duration of bleeding ingame now, where our skill page didn't so I changed it. Thats it as far as I can tell changed tho.--AlariSig.jpg 02:53, 13 March 2008 (UTC)


I wasn't given any option to switch "upon logging on" :( --Cobalt | Talk 20:41, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

You can change under options. --Shadowcrest 20:42, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Off topic but not really: this update is extremely useful for those of us that don't memorize every single skill and want to know, quickly, what a skill being used by an enemy does. Thank you, anet! Doctor Octagonapus 20:45, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

You should get skill flashcards. They're available in the fansite kits. Felix Omni Signature.png 20:49, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
I lol'd....with the constant changes they'd be next to worthless after two days. (Yes, I know you aren't serious) Doctor Octagonapus 20:53, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
Anyone feel like updating 1100 skill descriptions? Dragnmn talk cont 21:34, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
We haven't decided whether or not to bother, since it's really just a condensed form with no new info. --Shadowcrest 21:35, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
Condensed might be useful for other situations, such as the skill lists. Click the skill to go see the whole effect. --GEO-logo.png Jïörüjï Ðērākō.>.cнаt^ 21:36, 13 March 2008 (UTC)
There may be over a thousand skills, but if the task is split evenly amongst a few members, it's only one or two hundred each, not that much trouble, and seeing as they are concise, it shouldn't be that much to type per skill either, the wiki is here to document the game and this seems to be a rather important part of it, useful or not, also for some skills it might clear some things up, because there are plenty of skills that don't do exactly what they state (then again, the concise descriptions might just confuse us more) is there a page somewhere where there is a vote or discussion on what we're going to do with the concise descriptions? because I'm up for adding them to the wiki (not all on my own of course D:) --GamerJ (Talk!) 13:52, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
I think the annoying issues might only be when they change the functionality of a skill in a update, such as they may update the regular description but forget to update the concise. Slip ups do happen. xD -- 02:37, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

The short form may be more appropriate for the QR? -User:PanSola (talk to the Follower of Lyssa.png) 07:17, 15 March 2008 (UTC)

I'd support that idea, as long as we don't start finding massive errors and discrepancies in the short forms. Entropy Sig.jpg (T/C) 18:44, 16 March 2008 (UTC)
I don't know, I noticed that some are rather strange. Recall goes like this:Maintained enchantment End effect shadow step to target ally(or something close). If I hadn't known what recall did that would be pretty confusing. On basic attack skills its nice when it says bonus dmg+side effect but on some skills with requirements it could be confusing.--AlariSig.jpg 18:49, 16 March 2008 (UTC)


I have my setting on Concise description, but as soon as I entered RA, the skill descriptions outright dissapeared whenever I moused over them. However, it seems to be working whenever I go to my Skills and Attribute list and mouse over them from there. I'm not sure where to report it, so I just decided to come here and hopefully someone will know what to do. 03:08, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

pain inverter[]

... Gives % of the attack damage back to target for every time it attacks.

This skill does not affect just attacks but it affects ANY damage dealt by target, be it attack, spell, or any other skill. I have a feeling this "concise description" is going to be bugged as bloody hell... RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 04:32, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
Oh yeah, wasn't Anet busy with GW2 and not making changes to GW1? Why can't they do something useful, like fix the HoM displays? They go and add a useless feature... O_o Why? RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 04:34, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
Heh, I think I'll stick with the original descriptions. 04:39, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
Cause anet is ran by people who hired Izzy.--AlariSig.jpg 04:45, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
Well regardless of what the skill description says regarding how PI works, the skill still reflects damage from other sources besides attacks. I think the skill's concise description needs to be changed, but description does not reflect actual effect in the skill.--Godfather XP 08:34, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Grenth's Balance[]

We all know that the skill will make you lose health if you have more health than your targer, but this isn't in the description; however, it IS in the concise description. So, anomaly still? Zefir 11:16, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Unless the two descriptions are contradicting I'd say that if one describes the actual functionality, the only anomaly is the other description, not the skill itself --GamerJ (Talk!) 13:54, 14 March 2008 (UTC)

Rolf.... since when[]

The picture is self explicative... Big Bow 00:12, 15 March 2008 (UTC)
Polar Bear Drop.jpg

Weird NPC's have always dropped map pieces. see Map Piece. LiquidShorts 02:58, 15 March 2008 (UTC)
Literally everything that can die can drop a Map Piece. I got one off Kilroy once. --- VipermagiSig.JPG-- (s)talkpage 10:11, 15 March 2008 (UTC)
That's great. You don't even have to kill stuff, just let monsters farm map pieces for you!Entrea SumataeEntrea Sumatae [Talk] 03:04, 16 March 2008 (UTC)
Why is the section name talking about Rolf from Ed Edd 'n Eddy? :P The preceding unsigned comment was added by Gimmethegepgun (contribs) .
Dunno, i think his floor is laughing.. -{[ PUL ]}- 11:11, 16 March 2008 (UTC)
Holy shit somehow I forgot to sign! That hasn't happened in a LONG time --Gimmethegepgun 16:29, 16 March 2008 (UTC)


About damn time they took some measures against this. Been getting spams for months.-American Wrath//Talk 22:17, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

Yay, finally an update that no one can complain about!--Gigathrash 22:21, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
You don't think some honest players use open proxies? RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 22:21, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
Not anymore they don't. Felix Omni Signature.png 22:22, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
Ok then... AWESOME. Now if only they'd fix all the blatantly wrong "concise" skill descriptions and let you custom rearrange the HoM displays... OHMIGOD that would be awesome! RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 22:25, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
I think the RMTs would be complaining plenty --GamerJ (Talk!) 22:26, 18 March 2008 (UTC)
But RMT'ing is against the rules, and the traders know it. So if they're complaining about not being able to do that... Ad Victoriam

Right before this happened, I saw Gaile talking about it in LA ID1. Our guild was there protesting HFFF bots :)-American Wrath//Talk 23:34, 18 March 2008 (UTC)

What was the second update for? Like a bug fix? RoseOfKali RoseOfKaliSIG.jpg 04:36, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
Didn't you re-read the User Agreement? "We have installed keyloggers on your PC so we can haxxor your system." Max Steel 04:45, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
They did it for the lulz.Ereanorsign.jpgreanor 04:47, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
Apparently they 'forgot' the *new* UA in the first update, letting people sign the 'old' UA. Second update had the updated text in it (according to a post of Gaile in ) -- Merty sign.gif-- ( talk ) 10:43, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
I use a closed proxy, that is i use a SSH tunnel to a shell to connect to gw sometimes, it helps reduce the lag to a playable level, will this affect me? Are they just blocking proxies that anyone can use? if this isnt the best place to ask, where is? -- 13:41, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
I have no idea what a proxy even is, so can't really help you, but: they did say that open proxies are prohibited, and you are using a closed one. Don't know how that effects you, I'd say send support a question about it. --Progr.png -- talkpage 13:48, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for your help, it would really suck if i couldn't use it. -- 14:08, 19 March 2008 (UTC)
Yeah, they are fine - only open proxys blocked, and hopefuly ony abusive ones --RT 15:36, 19 March 2008 (UTC)