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Sorry, I accidentally created "Illusion Magic" instead of "Category:Illusion Magic". Now, there is an erroneous entry in the Skills listing. Probably the easiest way to fix this is to delete this entry. I assume that this requires Admin privileges. I don't see how to do this myself.

Firstly, you can just delete all the content on a page if you think it's erroneous, and then the page will show up at the top of Special:Shortpages, and if an admin thinks it should be deleted then it will be, however....
We do tend to have both "Attribute" and "Category:Attribute". One explains what the attribute is and the other groups that attribute's skills together. Also, a page already exists for this attribute under Illusion. I'm not sure whether this is the correct name or not; my manual says "Illusion", the game says "Illusion Magic", so I think it's best we stick with what the game says. I will redirect "Illusion" to "Illusion Magic" which can be done by anyone by typing #REDIRECT[[go to this page instead]]. LordBiro/Talk 17:54, 3 Jun 2005 (EST)

Thanks, I understand the difference between "Attributes" and "Category:Attributes" now. The problem was I created "Illusion Magic" as a "Category:Skills" by mistake. It shows up on the "Category:Skills" page under the "Articles in category 'Skills'" section, between "Ignite Arrows" and "Illusion of Haste". When I realized the mistake I changed "Illusion Magic" to "Attribute-stub" which correctly makes it "Category:Attributes". Then I created "Category:Illusion Magic" which correctly shows up under the "Subcategories" section. However, "Illusion Magic" still shows up on the "Category:Skills" page even though it is now "Category:Attributes". I think this may be because "Category:Attributes" doesn't exist, and the Wiki can't reassign the page membership to a non-existant Category. I hope all that made sense. Aynway, I'll do what you suggested and erase the contents of "Illusion Magic". I wanted to document what happened in case someone else runs into the same problem.

Lack of love[edit source]

Is it just me or does this catagory have ALOT less spells than the other two?