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Sooo, I noticed this page was tagged to be cleaned up, but the person putting the tag on it didn't bother to explain what exactly needs to be cleaned up... I suppose the dialogue section can be improved though. I suggest if someone puts a tag on a page that person creates a discussion page as well, otherwise this whole 'this page needs to be cleaned up'-section is going nowhere.

In respons to my silly self, the Walkthrough describes the quest Scholarly Affairs as well, that can't be right of course...

I took the liberty to rewrite the walkthrough section and removed the 'Quest stub' - tag 'cause I think we've got it pretty much covered now.--Erszebet 07:55, 17 January 2007 (CST)

I added some notes about the Survivor Title.

Stuck on Bridge[]

Whilst doing the quest, Hamar and Dunkoro got stuck on the bridge that goes down into the quarry. I was faced with having to go to one of the other entrances or map travelling out and starting again. Given that my hero/henches where trapped on the other side of Hamar and Dunkoro i decided to map travel and restart.

Basically the diggers and heroes moved to kill the Harpies when under attack, but Hamar and Dunkoro were stuck stuck.

Anyone have this problem aswell?--Khazad Guard 15:32, 16 October 2007 (UTC)