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I created this page because I couldn't believe it didn't exist already, it's an important game concept! It just about gets it own page on page 7 of the manual!! I used the Stub Template because it's pretty short but then again some articles only need to be short, does anything else need to be added? --Xasxas256 10:19, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

Ok I've got a whole lot of issues with this page, some issues around it as well as several other pages please discusses them on my talk page User_talk:Xasxas256 --Xasxas256 11:27, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

Well it seems that you're in favour of keeping the page Karlos if you keep editing it :) Although "Each primary attribute enhances the core abilities of its profession. A warrior with more Strength will deal more damage while a monk with more Divine Favor will heal better" I see what you're saying but what about the Ranger's Expertise attribute? Oh and thanks for fixing the article's title, capitalization, D'oh! --Xasxas256 12:11, 18 November 2005 (UTC)

The article must stay. It's a game term. I am as surprised as you are that it wasn't there.
The Ranger's expertise is the odd one out. My explanation is that it allows the ranger to use his skills more therefore becoming a deadlier interrupter/trapper/beastmaster. --Karlos 12:13, 18 November 2005 (UTC)