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Tapestry Shred
Tapestry Shred.png
Quest item
For quest Fire and Pain
Then and Now, Here and There
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies

The Tapestry Shred is a Pre-searing token of Gwen's appreciation given to the player after winning her admiration. Gwen will accept Red Iris Flowers, a new Flute, and a Small Girl's Cape after you have retrieved her Broken Flute. It has no inherent value in the Prophecies campaign.

Acquiring a Shred[]

The cheapest way to earn a shred is to retrieve Gwen's Broken Flute, buy her a replacement, and give her three Red Iris Flowers. Gwen will give you a shred as long as the last item you give her is an Iris. (However, see the bug note below.)


The shred is one of the items that can be used to obtain two quests in Eye of the North:

To obtain either quest, complete the Primary Vanguard Quests, then visit Gwen in the Hall of Monuments. The shred will be removed from the inventory when you accept either quest (unless you use one of the other qualifying items; see the quest articles for details).

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of the Prophecies and Eye of the North campaigns.


Upon entering the Hall of Monuments as a Prophecies character with a shred in inventory


You say you are from the South? You look strangely familiar.


We met long ago. I have something of yours.


So many feelings. So many memories. The Ebon Vanguard needs us. We'll talk again after that matter is settled.
After completing The Missing Vanguard


Bug.png Bug! You will not be able to get the shred in Pre if you enter a zone teamed with any player who has already received one. Worse, this bug is communicable: if you join up with anyone who has already been bugged, you will catch the bug yourself and will not be able to get the tapestry. There are three work-arounds: (1) obtain a shred before you join any other party; (2) create a character simply to get a shred; (3) buy a shred from another player.

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Historical note.png Historical note: At one time, Gwen would take all the Red Iris Flowers in your inventory, giving you credit for only one. Currently, she only takes one at a time.
Historical note.png Historical note: In game rumors have long suggested that you needed to give Gwen the Small Girl's Cape or dozens of flowers. This is not true now (and it is not clear if it was ever true).