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The Target Display

The Target Display displays various information about the selected target. The target's name, health, and level are always displayed. In PvP, the target's professions are always displayed as well. The health bar will be pink instead of the normal red when the target is suffering health degeneration caused by a hex other than Enduring Toxin.

Icons are used to indicate the target is under certain effects:

Icon Property
Enchantment.png Under the effects of a Enchantment
Hex.png Suffering from a Hex
Conditions.jpg Suffering from a condition
Weapon-spell-icon.png Under the effects of a Weapon Spell

Icons are also used to indicate the type of attack the target was hit by in an Assassin attack chain:

Icon Property
LeadAttack.png Lead attack
OffHand.png Off-hand attack
DualAttack.png Dual attack

The button on the right side of the target's health can be used to deselect the target.