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Tarnished Haven
Tarnished Haven.jpg
Campaign Eye of the North
Region Tarnished Coast
Party size 8
Map area 0.51%
Neighbors Alcazia Tangle
Services Material Trader
Rare Material Trader


Founded by exiles from Kryta, this settlement is a common destination for political refugees. Those who find themselves "on the outs" with the current ruling faction in Lion's Arch come here to hide from the political upheaval rampant within the Krytan state. As a result, the haven's inhabitants are a combination of expatriates, agents, spies, and refugees.

Getting there[]

Tarnished Haven is in the southeast of Alcazia Tangle. Travel through Alcazia Tangle from either Magus Stones or Arbor Bay.

Bug.png Bug! A small number of players report trouble entering this outpost. If your load times are extraordinarily long (compared to other areas) and/or the program quits before you finish entering, try minimizing Guild Wars immediately upon zoning. Wait 60-90 seconds and restore the program. See Notes for additional details.



Getting to Tarnished Haven through Alcazia Tangle from Magus Stones.

Getting to Tarnished Haven through Alcazia Tangle from Arbor Bay.


Tarnished Haven[]


Bug.png Bug! A small number of players report trouble entering Tarnished Haven, with symptoms including extraordinarily long load times, Guild Wars reporting an unrepairable error, and/or the program quitting unexpectedly. This problem seems to occur more often to Windows Vista users and those who have previously encountered an igfx display driver error; it can also occur even though the computer's graphics card seems to meet the suggested game requirements.
Further Bug Details
  • Players will sometimes see an error message that (a) links to Guild Wars support and (b) provides a detailed walkthrough for how to update graphics drivers. Even after following these steps, players will still see the error message or still experience the original symptoms.
  • If you have ensured that your drivers are up-to-date yet continue to see this error, try the following: (1) Immediately upon entering Tarnished Haven, minimize Guild Wars. (2) Wait for at least 60 seconds (longer if you typically experience long load times). (3) Restore the program. You should be in Tarnished Haven. (4) Exit the outpost and rezone, to ensure that you can do so without further trouble. If not, repeat. (6) If this doesn't work, contact the graphics card manufacturer and Guild Wars support to resolve this.