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  1. Find Tasca's axe.
  2. Find Tasca's compass.
  3. Find Tasca's map.
  4. Find Tasca's boots.
  5. Find Tasca's pack.
  6. See Marshall Whitman for your reward.

Obtained from

Marshall Whitman in Sorrow's Furnace



Enter Furnace without To Sorrow's Furnace sub-quests.



"I've heard rumors that Marshall Tasca is still alive. But I was with him on that day, and if he survived that fall, it'd be a miracle. In any case, my search for proof of his survival has led me here. If you find any of his accoutrements, I'll gladly reward you for them."

Reward Dialogue

"It must be as I feared. You've discovered far too many of his belongings scattered all over this godsforsaken place. If he were still alive, he'd be naked by now. Thank you for your help, but I will not stop looking until I find his body or my own demise brings an end to my search."




Marshall Tasca's belongings can be found in unmarked chests throughout the Furnace. The chests will only appear after you kill the patrol that possesses it. The patrol will look familiar to you at the end. Each one is comprised of six units: two Enslaved Ettins, a Summit Deep Knight, a Summit Surveyor, a Summit Taskmaster and a Priest of Sorrows. There will be five spawns of this particular group scattered in the Furnace and pointed to by the star on the map.

After wiping out one of these groups, a chest will appear where the group was standing (even if you lure them elsewhere). That chest will be assigned to the player doing the quest. After the player picks up the item, the map will point out the location of the next group. The locations of the chests become harder and harder as they pull you deeper and deeper into the Furnace. Here are the locations of the five groups holding Tasca's items:

  • Tasca's Map: In Iron Arch, by the three Furnace Guardians.
  • Tasca's Pack: At the large bridge that can be lowered (where Orozar Highstone confronts his brother).
  • Tasca's Axe: On a small overlook above the Stone Basilica.
  • Tasca's Compass: In the Darkhaven, the southwestern most corner of the Furnace.
  • Tasca's Boots: In an area East and slightly north of the Darkhaven.