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Bogroot Growths, level 1

Bogroot Growths, level 2


  1. Talk to Tekks about helping the yellow Ophil tribe.
  2. Destroy Z'him Monns.
  3. See Tekks for your reward.

Obtained from

Tekks in Sparkfly Swamp



"The caverns are a natural home for the Ophil tribe of yellow frogmen, but the Gokir tribe moved in recently as a result of some... ah... miscalculations during our last digging expedition. Unfortunately, the Ophil had been helping me map this region, but now this clan war is hindering any chance of progress. Without them I'll waste weeks of work mapping the area by hand. While this may be most unfortunate for the Gokir, you must help me out... no... help science out. Go destroy Z'him Monns, their leader. That should demoralize the Gokir tribe and drive them off to find a new home."
Accept: "Giriff doesn't deserve my help. I'm for the yellow team!"
Reject: "I think the yellow team is just fine without me."

Reward Dialogue

"Wonderful! Now I can continue my research unabated. Remind me to hire a new digger before I get started."


Level 1: Head north through the portal to the Bogroot Growths. This dungeon comprises two levels; the first level basically heads north-west and then south-west, where you find the portal for Level 2, which is the opposite of Level 1 - generally heading north-east and then south-east. There are no pop-ups. But you will have to fight through hordes of Heket and Nettles. Scattered through both levels are traps that cripple and poison, but most can be easily avoided as they emit a green gas allowing you enough time to back away before being affected. Most monsters are levels 20 - 23, and are only truly difficult if you aggro multiple groups.

Level 2: You will encounter a Level 24 patriarch who must be killed to gain the Boss Key which must be inserted into the nearby Boss Lock - this opens a doorway into the final area containing Z'him Monns, a Level 29 Ritualist. Monns is surrounded by three groups of guards - two groups of 6 Heket, and one group of 5 (all level 20). Each group can be pulled from around Monns with careful pulling, leaving only Monns and two level 20 guards. Kill the guards first, as Monns can be difficult to kill, he will attempt to avoid AOE spells.

After killing Monns, the Bogroot Chest appears and you can claim your reward from Tekk.


  • This quest is mutually exclusive with Giriff's War.
  • Tekks accompanies you on this quest, but if she dies she will self-resurrect after you clear the area of enemies within aggro range of her body.


  • This quest is a reference to the character Tex, from the web machinima Red vs. Blue.
  • Z'him Monns in turn is a reference to the character Simmons, also from Red vs. Blue.