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A teleporter is a device which allows characters to teleport from one location to another location in the same zone. There are both one-way and two-way teleporters. The exit of a one-way teleporter appears as a glowing ring of symbols, with a cloud of sparkles in the center and a ring of sparkles over the symbols. Active teleporter entrances and the ends of two-way teleporters generally look like teleporter exits, but have several glowing rings floating up and down over them. Stepping onto a teleporter will teleport the character and their heroes, as well as any henchmen. Teleporters in the Dajkah Inlet mission teleport the entire party.

The Crystal Desert[]

A Crystal Desert teleporter

Teleporters in the Crystal Desert are large, whitish-brown structures, with four switches surrounding the base. If you activate a teleporter (instructions below) and step on its circular platform, it will teleport you to its matching teleporter somewhere else in the desert (usually nearby and possible to see on the map).

Activating teleporters
  1. Step on the circular platform at the rear.
  2. Observe the switches: They will flash once simultaneously and then flash individually in a specific order; note the sequence — if you miss it and wish to watch it again, remain on the platform or step off and then back on.
  3. Step off the circular platform and click the switches in the same order that they flashed. Each switch you trigger correctly will remain lit up; once you have activated all four, the teleporter will be ready to use. (If you choose the wrong one, it will flash briefly, then all the switches will flash and you will have a chance to observe the sequence again.)
  4. Step on the teleporter to be transferred to its linked device.
  5. Repeat to activate the destination teleporter.

Once activated, teleporters remain active until you zone (or someone from that area or until someone enters another combination). With multiple players in the party, it usually works best for one player to enable any particular teleporter; this avoids unnecessary confusion and frustration.


  • Enemy NPCs cannot teleport.
  • You cannot escape non-projectile, ranged skills by teleporting (or any other in-game action).
  • Henchmen teleport with you. This includes dead henchmen, which if you teleport back can allow you to resurrect them while out of danger.
  • In the Crystal Desert, activating both sides of a teleporter may be in your best interest as it allows you to flee very effectively.
  • Minipets and other allies such as those created from Summoning Stones do not teleport.

Areas with teleporters[]

One-way Two-way Two-way
activated by switches
(only seen during cinematics)