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[[{{{art}}} armor]]
Profession: [[{{{profession}}}]] [[Image:{{{profession}}}-icon.png]]
Campaign: [[{{{campaign}}}]]


This template creates an armor art box. In addition it adds catagorical tags to the article.


This is to be used on armor art articles.


  • art
    Expected input: The name of the armor art (examples: "Wanderer's" or "Istani"). Do not include profession or "Elite". The template will add the text " Armor" after the name automatically.
  • profession
    Expected Input: The name of the profession associated with this art (example: "Warrior"). If the art is usable by any profession, set this to "Any".
  • campaign, campaign2 and campaign3
    Expected Input: The name of the campaign where this art is available (example: For armor available in the first three campaigns set campaign to "Nightfall", campaign2 to "Factions" and campaign3 to "Prophecies".)
  • materials
    Expected Input: Needed materials to craft armor using the short material name (example: Cloth). Separate links with a comma and space (i.e. Cloth, Silk). Don't use "and". List materials in alphabetical order.
  • no armor (optional)
    Expected Input: If the item has a name that does not end in "Armor", set this to "yes". This uses the text from the art variable above without adding the word "Armor" to the end (example: set this to "yes" with art set to "Dragon Gauntlets" and the name in the info box will be "Dragon Gauntlets").
  • art type (optional)
    Expected Input: If the art belongs to a common armor art type, set this to "yes" (example: Istani Armor is a common art type and should be set to "yes"). This automatically adds a category using the art variable above (example: set this to "yes" with art set to "Istani" and the Category:Istani armor is added).
  • elite (optional)
    Expected input: If the art is an elite version, set this to "yes" (example: Elite Luxon Armor should be set to "yes" to automatically add the Category:Elite armor). The default is to add Category:Standard armor, unless the art variable is set to "Obsidian", which will not add any category.


Prior versions of this template are archived