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{{Armor art gallery
| Profession = Ritualist
| Type = Elite Canthan
| Sex = F or M
| Head = 0, 0e, 1, 1e, 2, 2e, 3, LR, or LRe
| Head-dyed = 
| Color = purple, blue or anything else.  Only use lower case.
| Clipping =
| Note1 =
| Note2 =
| Note3 =
| Update-reason = 
| Alternateside = yes
| Undyed = yes
| Nohelmet = 

Required parameters

Required parameters are Profession, Type, Sex, and Color, which should all be self-explanatory.

Optional parameters

  • Head values:
    • 0 specifies no headgear (Paragon or Elementalist armor, where headgear is not associated with armor art).
    • 1 specifies only a front view is required (some Mesmer masks).
    • 2 specifies front and side views are required (Ranger, Assassin, and other Mesmer masks).
    • 3 specifies that front, side, and rear views are needed (Warrior helms, Ritualist headdresses, Dervish hoods, some Monk tattoos).
    • LR specifies that front, left, and right views are needed (Necromancer scars, other Monk tattoos).
      • Add an "e" to get an additional spot for earrings: 0e, 1e, 2e, and LRe are currently available.
  • Use Head-dyed if you need to specify a different set of headgear images for the "Dyed" section (e.g. if a female armor has earrings, but they don't dye, you would use, "|Head=2e|Head-dyed=2"). Takes the same values as Head.
  • Clipping places a note at the top of the gallery about clipping issues specific to either the male or female version of an armor (clipping issues that apply to both genders should go in the main armor article).
  • Note1 places a note after the 'Overview' images, before the 'Component view' section.
  • Note2 places a note after the 'Component view' images, before the 'Colorable areas' section.
  • Note3 places a note after the 'Colorable areas' images.
  • Update-reason will place a notice that the gallery needs to be updated, with the parameter value as the reason for the update.

Boolean parameters

Only use these parameters if necessary. The only valid value is "yes"; any other value will have no effect.

  • Include Alternateside = yes if asymmetrical armor requires a second side view.
  • Include Undyed = yes if the pre-dye update "undyed" armor pictures need to be replaced with new undyed (gray) pictures.
  • Include Nohelmet = yes if you need to include a picture in the 'Colorable areas' section for a view of the armor without the helmet/headpiece (e.g. if the helmet is so large that it obscures part of the chest armor).