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{{Babel|lang=[language code]|level=[level]}}


{{Babel|[language code]|[level]}}

Note that when parameter name is not specified, it will treat the first input as language, second as level. Use the first syntax if you are unsure of the order.

The language code is typically taken from ISO 639.

Language levels are:

  • N = Native
  • 4 = Near native
  • 3 = Advanced
  • 2 = Intermediate
  • 1 = Basic
  • 0 = No ability

There is an additional parameter, "nocat". If nocat's value is set to anything, such as "nocat=true|", "nocat= we love candy|", or even "nocat=false|", then the article using the template will not be automatically categorized.


It requires Category:Users/Language/[lang]-[level] be already created and uses the BabelMsg box.

Documentation - BabelMsg


{{BabelMsg|lang=[language code]|level=[level]|msg=[message]}}

The message should state, in the corresponding language, something alongs the lines of "This user is able to communicate in [Language] with [level] ability."

The nocat parameter is also used by this template.

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