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Species: {{{species}}}
Profession: {{{prof}}} [[image:{{{prof}}}-icon.png]]
Level(s): {{{level}}}

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Required parameters

 | species = beast species
 | prof = beast profession
 | level = beast level

Optional parameters

 | name = beast name
 | image = [[Image:Beast name.jpg]]
 | icon = [[Image:Mesmer-icon.png]][[Image:Monk-icon.png]]
 | map1 = [[Image:Beast map.jpg]]
 | map1-text = Location of beast in <explorable area>

Parameter definitions

The name of the creature. If omitted, defaults to the name of the page.
The image to use in the infobox. If omitted, uses the name of the page as the image name.
The creature's species, as determined by in-game mechanics such as <species>-slaying weapons or species-specific bounties. Should be formatted as a wiki link.
The creature's profession, as determined by either the skills it uses or, if it uses monster skills only, the type of tome it drops. Should be formatted as a wiki link.
The profession icon(s) to use. If omitted, defaults to {{{prof}}}-icon.png. This parameter must be defined for dual-profession creatures. Must be formatted as a wiki image tag.
The creature's level(s). List all possible normal mode levels, separated by commas, then all Hard Mode levels in parentheses.
map1, map2, map3, map4, map5
Images to include as maps showing the creature's location. Should only be used for unique creatures that are only found in specific locations. Must be formatted as wiki image tags.
map1-text, map2-text, map3-text, map4-text, map5-text
Text to use as captions for the maps.