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You misspelled the title . Please see Template:BountyCategory for details.


{{BountyCategory|title track}}
puts the article in the [[Category:Gives title track points]].
Title track Category
Sunspear Category:Gives Sunspear points
Lightbringer Category:Gives Lightbringer points
Kurzick Category:Gives Kurzick points
Luxon Category:Gives Luxon points
Balthazar Category:Gives Balthazar points
Allegiance Category:Gives Luxon points and
Category:Gives Kurzick points
Imperial Category:Gives Imperial faction
Asura Category:Gives Asura points
Dwarf Category:Gives Dwarven points
Dwarven Category:Gives Dwarven points
Deldrimor Category:Gives Dwarven points
Norn Category:Gives Norn points
Vanguard Category:Gives Vanguard points