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This template colors all bullets in the given text.

  • Currently supported bullets: ►, ◄, •
  • The list of supported bullets is simple to extend.
  • Do not use spaces around the color name.
  • Color names get truncated after 23 characters; this depends on server settings.
Wikicode Display
{{bullet|darkorange|◄ [[Dagnar Stonepate]] • [[Flame Djinn]] ►}}

Dagnar Stonepate Flame Djinn

{{bullet|red|x=2 • y=3 }}
{{bullet|red|2= x=2 • y=3 }}

Error: no text; prepend "2=" to your text and try again.
x=2 y=3

{{bullet|pink |◄ whitespace ► }}
{{bullet|pink|◄ no whitespace ► }}

no whitespace

Testing color name truncation:

               {{bullet|012345678901234567890123456789|long • long }}
long <span style="color:012345678901234567890123456789;">•</span> long