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[[{{{Name}}}]] [[{{{Name}}}/Gallery|gallery]]

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link=Image:{{{Name}}} gray front.jpg link=Image:{{{Name}}} gray back.jpg link=Image:{{{Name}}} gray side.jpg
Front Back Profile

Colorable areas

This armor or costume piece cannot be dyed.


{{Common armor art gallery
| Name = Glacial Gauntlets
| Sex = F or M
| Earrings = yes
| Views = 3
| Format = small
| Color = purple, blue or anything else.  Only use lower case.
| Note1 = note to go after Overview images
| Note2 = note to go after Dyed images
| Clipping = note about clipping issues
  • Name: The name of the armor piece.
  • Sex: F or M, or can be left blank if creating a unisex gallery.
  • Earrings: set to "yes" if the armor piece replaces earrings on female characters.
  • Views: The number of views to present. Values are:
    • 1 = Front only
    • 2 = Front and side
    • 3 = Front, back, and side (default)
  • Format: set to "small" for headgear and glove galleries only, e.g. festival hats. Default image dimensions are 150x375px (width x height), "Format = small" gives 250x200px.
  • Alternateside: set to "yes" if a second profile image is needed. Should only be used if Views is 2 or 3.
  • Color: the color of the armor in the dyed images; leave blank if the piece cannot be dyed.
  • Clipping: note what clipping issues the armor piece has; appears at the top of the gallery.
  • Note1/Note2: additional notes about the armor or images. Note1 appears at the end of the Overview section, Note2 at the end of the Colorable areas section.