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Adjusted Wald calculation, Part 1

Usage: {{Template:DropRates/AdjWaldP|hits=1|tries=5|zScore=1.96}}
Used to find the p' in the Adjusted Wald calculation for an estimated binomial rate.
z = z-score to use. 1.960 -> 95% margin
See Template:DropRates/AdjWaldPorM for details.

This is one of two parts to the calculation process, and calculates the 'center' that the second part works out from.

Some samples:
5 tries, 2 drops 95% margin is 44.3449...%, calculates: 0.44344914947521
50 tries, 20 drops 95% margin is 40.7135...%, calculates: 0.40713500341743
1000 tries, 400 drops 95% margin is 40.00383...%, calculates: 0.40038268985864