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This is for use on Special:Gadgets to provide consistently formatted descriptions of gadgets.

Parameter name Description Required or optional?
parameter #1 (1) description of the gadget (start with a capital letter) required
name name of the gadget optional (some don't have one or is not important)
talk talk page where users can discuss the gadget optional (but recommended)
usergroup indicate if a gadget is for a specific usergroup: admins, OTRS-members, etc. optional
skin indicate if a gadget is for a specific skin: monobook, vector, etc. optional
status indicate the status: beta, alpha, testing, disabled, not working optional (stable/working gadgets don't need this)
doc page name where the gadget is documented optional
example page name where there's an example of the gadget optional
page Show the setting on a different page (0:User profile, 1:Appearance etc.) optional, but helpful to reduce clutter on gadgets page