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This box is intended for inpage navigation if the article consists of an alphabetically sorted list, such as the Guild Wars Glossary of Terms article.

It can be used as space efficient replacement for the generic table of contents, so you might want to add the __NOTOC__ command as well.


The template follows the standard call with named parameters.


Required parameters

There are no required parameters without a default value. Using this template without any parameters yields an inpage navigation to the sections named A-Z within the page it has been included.

Optional parameters

The alignment of the box. Should be one of left, right or center, with center being the default value.
The name of the article in which the navigation takes place. If this parameter is omitted the name of the page the template is included is used (same as {{PAGENAME}}).
A name for the label of the box can be specified optionally, default is Index.
A name for the section of the non-alphabetic, for instance numeral or symbolic entries can be specified optionally, default is Numerals.

Known issues


For instance, the following box can be placed as a quicklink to the Guild Wars Glossary of Terms page on your user page.

Wiki sourcecode

 |basename=Guild Wars Glossary of Terms


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